This subject is no doubt a dicey, sensitive, and fearfully delicate one. It is so, simply because the devil has minced the Word of God with his lures and snares in such a pleasant and catchy way that everything seems acceptable and normal to Christians today.

What do I mean by that?

Following the argument on the Christian dress and adornment for some time now, I came to the realization that anytime a Christian woman who is not “properly” dressed is confronted by somebody with the fact that her appearance contradicts what she claimed to believe in. She is quick to say, “The God that I serve looks at a person’s heart deep down and not his appearance”. Is this the case? Let’s not forget quickly that our appearance can cause a fellow man to sin, and that is sinful on our part. This is surely the handiwork of the devil.

Also, I think this trend is on the speedy rise because not much attention is given to it in the church today for fear of indirectly driving away and losing our already handful members. Jesus didn’t change to be like the world to gain audience and followers? He stuck to who He was and yet still made a marvelous impact. Why then do we want to conform to the world in our quest to make them disciples and followers of Christ? The church is built on Christ Jesus, and not on people. If the people are not ready to worship with us because we don’t accept their dress and adornment, why then do we conform to theirs? It is better we don’t pay attention to them, than bring them in, and at end corrupt thousands of our dear ones. I think it is better to have a church of two people, than have millions of corrupt and deceitful pretenders who go to extent of turning the Sabbath day into a funfair.

It has becoming a norm – in fact, it is already a norm – today for the Christian woman to wear miniskirts, low-cut blouses, ‘show your stomach’, see-through, tight fitting and transparent leggings, and anything wearable, to church and elsewhere. This is no doubt a severe canker that has plagued our generation and needs effectively immediate attention lest it becomes a conundrum. For how long are we going to keep mute on this as its ugly face stares each and every one of us in the eyes?

These two strong questions seem to emanate from this up surging trend of fashion among the Christian women.

  • Is this what the almighty God requires us to wear to his presence?
  • Is this what the Lord Jesus Christ has sent us into the world with to positively impact?

To answer these questions is to address the main issue at hand in a larger dimension. Knowledge – from the Bible – is the key that unlocks every door. The Bible affirms and acknowledges this fact in (Hosea 4:6)…………’lack of knowledge my people perish’. Knowledge from the Bible is what is needed urgently to break us free from this disaster. John 8:32 also affirms it.

Informing ourselves on the issue to properly dissect the canker, let’s take critical analysis of the following sayings coined by the world,which we are in but not of;

  • The outward appearance of a person is a visible and silent testimony of their moral values.
  • The way one dresses is somewhat like the hands of the clock; it indicates what is going on inside.
  • What one wears or adorns is a significant tool to his confidence.

If with a single accord we all affirm the truth in these sayings, then what we wear has more psychological, mental, spiritual, and moral effects on us and others than just a mere covering for our bodies.

Today, a Christian woman can come to church with her breasts almost falling; any one step she takes bounces the breasts like a basketball. Hmmm! Today, a Christian woman can come to church with a knee-level skirt, but back behind is a line cutting through the skirt that leads straight, no bend no curve, to the buttocks. Oh what are we seeing! Today, a Christian woman can come to church with lips painted in such a way that the first thought that embraces one on seeing is sex. Today, a Christian woman can come to church in ‘half-butt’ covering trousers and miniskirts with nothing underneath. Only God knows what we see when they accidentally, but intentionally bend. Revealing to us all places that the sun doesn’t shine. Is this not hell we see in the church? Oh, Lord have mercy on us.


It is accepted without any iota of doubts that times have changed, but the Word of God has not changed – and will never do. “We are in the world but not of the world”, this is what most Christians today take pride in saying to the world. The issue here is, if we are indeed in the world but not of the world, then we must not be changing swiftly with the world, especially in terms of fashion and music, since both have a directly great impact on the soul, our precious self.
In as much as we are Christians, everything we do, say, and put on our bodies must reflect the presence of the Lord Jesus in us. ‘Everything goes’ should cease to exist in our dictionary. Not everything goes, if so then a new convert shouldn’t be baptized. There must be some initiative right following the change of ways.

It is of utmost shock to know that a fashion designer, Mary Quant, – Mother of miniskirts in Britain – said that if clothes don’t make one noticed sexually, they are a waste of money, so she designs to shock and lead to sex. She added further that her designs are to sexually explore women to create a very powerful sex drive in men. Are Christians as we are to project sex or God to the world, and why do I ask? Because, the designs inspired by this designer are very popular in the church and amongst our Christian sisters today, whilst we sit down unperturbed. It is with profound pain and shame to admit that Christians today have conformed to the seductive dictates of fashion.

This is the issue of immediate attention because these days, you would enter a church room and for once think you are in the club – where everything is wearable, and sex is all over the air you breathe. It is bizarre when it gets to offering time and we danced to the pulpit to offer. Our beautiful Christian sisters confuse and mesmerize us when they shake their booty, instead of body, to the name of the Lord. Please ladies remember, the Bible says in Ecclesiastics 7:26, a seductive woman is a trap more bitter than death. Her passion is a snare, and her soft hands are chains. Have mercy on us please.

Since the word of God doesn’t change, and cease to show us the way forward, I have a cause to sigh a great relief.

Follow me for what the bible says about it. This is what the Bible says



  1. I think your quote from the fashion designer is revealing. It’s all in your motivation, I think. I also think a lot of young women don’t have good male influences in their lives who are honest enough with them to let them know when they’re dressing wrong. So a lot of girls dress this way because society has taught them that “sexy” equals “attractive,” when, in reality, it doesn’t. You can dress attractively without oozing sex. But many girls don’t realize this.
    Also, it’s tempting for girls to dress in a way that draws attention. Attention is fun. Or sometimes they do it because they don’t feel like they are attractive enough. But it can also be a selfish thing, when we’re not thinking about the effect we have on our brothers.
    It’s not ALL girls’ responsibility, guys can be tempted when girls are in t-shirts and burkas. But girls also have some responsibility to not distract our brothers, because we’re supposed to love them, and loving them means not distracting them from what they’re SUPPOSED to be focused on.
    Now that I’m married, I can distract my husband, ha ha. But I had to learn to love my brothers in the right way when I was in youth group and stuff.

  2. The bible talks about women’s dress and the way men look at women. women are expected to dress modestly, not to lust and men are not to look lustfully after women because Christ said its adultery. Therefore my brethren, men and women, follow the bible’s precept on modesty.

  3. You are fucked in the head. How can all animals live on earth without worshipping god…. Oh that’s right, there is no god in nature. Jesus is man made, pull your head out of your ass and get all the shit out of your mouth.

  4. Christians are to be models for others to follow. Modesty is a necessary ingredient in the christian life so dress well.

    1. my brother,why do you blame the women so much?do you not petronise them? if a seller displays her goods and you dont pay attention let alone prize it,will she not know your position on it? men should be in total control of themselves just like apostle Paul was.he had these same challenges you have today but overcame. so,you can do same today. focus on the word of God and do all you can to resist the devil in women. eccl.7:26 should guide you.

      1. yes, that’s true men should be in control of themselves, their thoughts and actions but women should do their part and conceal their body and dress modestly! and it does say so in the bible 1 timothy 2:9, 10 & 1 Peter 3:3,4 🙂 God Bless!!

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