Why was I born into this family, and why not a year or even a decade earlier? Not even yesterday or today, but that particular day in that month of that year? Why wasn’t I borne of a British father and an Indian mother? Why did I go to this university, that SHS (Senior High School), and made him, her and them my friends?

Do we attribute all these to fate, providence, or destiny? We shall surely continue to ask ourselves barrage of questions on this issue without finding answers unless, of course, we ask the almighty God, the owner and custodian of all knowledge.

Before we start our talk, let me ask you, “What at all is your purpose in this life?” As a Christian, my exposition on man’s chief purpose in this life will definitely come from a biblical point of view. And I am not ashamed of that fact. (Romans 1:16a)

Please permit me to start by asking this question. Why do we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ? We all are aware that Jesus Christ graced the surface of this earth with a purpose, that is showing man the way and being the way itself. (John 14:6). In case you don’t know, Christmas is not one of the days Christians are instructed to observe, but we find ourselves observing and celebrating it because of the excitement of finally getting what we diligently seek – the Way – through the birth of this man, Jesus. And so we celebrate Christmas because of the joy, happiness, excitement and fulfilment that comes with this man’s birth. All those feelings come to us as a result of his purpose. Because Jesus is divine, His purpose came to light long before he was even born. Not in the case of me and you.

We don’t know our purpose beforehand, but what we know generally is that a Christian’s chief purpose among a group of people or in life is to positively impact. Now that we are aware we have a general purpose, can we beat our chest with so much confidence, inspired by belief, that our friends and family celebrate our birthdays with us because they are so much excited that we are living our purpose?

Are you beginning to shake your head? No, wait! As years are being added to your life one after the other, so are numerous people also coming into, and going out of your life that you can’t even keep track and record of. What are these people taking from your relationship with them?

  •       Is your sense of humor positively impacting them?
  •       Is your wisdom impacting or intimidating them?
  •       Is your intellect and riches adding value to their lives?

We are salts to the world, and as salts we must give taste and value to whatever situation, event, occurrence, company, etc. that we find ourselves in.

Ideally if we should ask friends and loved ones why they present us with gifts on our birthday as the three wise men did to Jesus, we would get to know whether we are living our purpose or they do that out of a fashion that is in vogue.

At a point in Jesus’ life he made this evaluation by asking His disciple (close pals) who he was, and Peter, then Simon, told him He is the Messiah, The Savior of the world. A way of checking he was living his purpose (Matthew 16:13-20).

You need not die for people to write you those pleasant lies of a tribute to patronize your spirit as they prepare your lifeless body, which you wasted whilst alive, for the casket to damp you six feet down the earth. Evaluate it today and see if you are using your physical assets, spiritual gifts, wisdom, knowledge, intellect, etc., to bless your generation. You can make it a habit of asking people who give you gifts on your birthday, “why?” before you receive the gifts. Gifts on birthdays are not love detectors, rather they are purpose detectors.

Happy birthday to all whose birthday fall from the 1st of January to the 31st of December every leap year! It is my prayer that as your family and friends celebrate this day with you, your sense of purpose heightens and you focus more on eternal things than those that will fade with time. AMEN!


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