The Bible is an inexhaustible fountain of all truth. Its existence is the greatest blessing which humanity ever experienced —- Immanuel Kant



As Christians, Jesus calls us to duty – Prayer at night or daytime, Studying the Bible, Church Meetings, Witnessing to person, etc. – most often, if not always.. We, as often as the duty calls, procrastinate or, worst of it all, give flimsy excuses. What is your excuse? Yes, he knows you are busy. See, JESUS NEVER CALLED THE IDLE. Peter, Andrew, James & John were all busy when they were called but they responded AT ONCE. Do same and be BLESSED. Jesus loves you.


A long time ago, my great great great …… great grandfather used to serve in a filthy rich and caring man’s house. There, he had everything he needed, and his master loved him so so much. One day, a business lured him into signing a deal with him which, in his ignorance, he thought it was a good one. It did not really take a long time for him to realise that he was completely deceived. In effect, he lost his job in this rich man’s house and became a slave to the business man as a result of the deal he made. My grandfather could not find any way possible to pay his debt, and so anyone who bears his DNA automatically served this business man – this can be likened to a collateral in business terms. To make the issues worse of is the fact that this man is very rude, cruel, and knows no forgiveness. Once you have sinned you are made to bitterly reap the punishment, unlike my grandfather’s previous employer who forgives at all times once you show remorse. We longed that someone would buy us from this business man and make us his slaves, but considering our debt, no one was willing to do so. We were without hope, without a helper, no promise, no redeemer, and no God. How wretched my family became! It was like we were damned to this man forever.

Mysteriously, help came. And it was my grandfather’s old boss. He sent His only son, a prince far above rubies, to come and pay for our debt in full. It was the blood of His only son that redeemed us from this cruel business man. What an amazing love! Since then, generations born into the family are free, no more slaves, not even to the rich man, but rather joint heirs with his son to all His possessions. When I read the history books of my family and realised how my family suffered and how we became free, I have decided never to strike a deal with anyone again but eternally dwell with this rich and loving man- my maker and creator whose name is I AM. I would honour this man my entire life and remain indebted to him.

What makes me value it the more is that, when He sent His son it was not for the sake of my family (the Gentiles) but for another family (the Jews) who had also been deceived by that cruel business man. We were not really the purpose of the son’s coming, but in I AM’s own wisdom incorporated us into the plan as the son presented the two families in one body unto the father.

For if by the son – Christ – we have been reconciled back unto the Father, I ask for grace to remain at His feet forever. I also make you my God, my Hope, my redeemer, and my Salvation. All the unborn generations in my family shall serve you, Oh Most High. Great things you have done and it is marvellous in our sight. You are part of that family and now you know our story.

Accept Christ today and live for Him.

Jesus Christ on the cross

Jesus Christ on the cross


By: Ameyaw Bernice Ama, KNUST