True believers of Christ die with the hope of meeting their Saviour. To live is Christ, and to die is gain. It’s sad what some relations and ‘friends’ of deceased Christians say, “They served God, yet see how they die – in penury, untimely, pathetically, just to mention a few.” Isn’t it rather pathetic that these relations and ‘friends’ wish their deceased Christian ‘friends’ or family members lived longer in this wicked world? If only they knew what and how the place promised by Christ is – free of sorrows and pains – they would rather rejoice and be encouraged to serve God well. God’s plans for us are great. Am saddened by people’s reasons for not being Christians or ceasing to be Christians. To them (unbelievers), they are solid and genuine reasons which I respect a lot for a fact, but, as a matter of fact, for me, they are as weak as feeble, and do not make any sense. For what shall separate us from the love of Christ? Death, sickness, poverty, riches, tribulations, etc.? I don’t know what or who you call your God, or what your hope or trust is in. But can you measure how much your ‘god’/’God’ LOVES, cares and is concerned about you?

My God proved His love for me when He died naked on the cross. He took my shame, my sins, and my punishment. Amazing love! How is it possible- that my God should die for me? This puzzle makes me intoxicated with His Love, and at His feet I will eternally bow.


By: Ameyaw Bernice Ama



My Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, I thank you for the life you have given me today. I praise your name Lord, I adore you, and once again I affirm my vow to serve you and only you for the rest of my life oh Lord. I pledge that generations of mine are yours and will forever be yours. Lord, guide me though-out this day, be the light on my path, the stick in my hand, and let nothing thwart my activities today. I accept without any form duress, whatsoever, to live in you as you have also died – the death of a cursed person – for my sake. Lord, I pray that you build my strength in you, and also that you give me the strength to tell others about you and your faithfulness. Bring out your qualities in me Lord: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Take me out of temptation Lord, and let my life be a manifestation of your presence. Having the full understanding that you have carried away my troubles, problems, and burdens on the cross, I never will worry any longer for anything. Lord bless my family, friends, and Ama, and give me the grace and gateway to get to make friends with people who will help me grow in you. Lord, I avail myself to you to use me to bless others. And finally, Lord I pray for the grace, and enablement, and strength to achieve the purpose for which you have made me to grace this earth like none other. Father Lord, protect me from the hands of my enemies and make my life be a blessing unto anybody that comes my way. I pray that you grant me strength over my weaknesses. Thank you for an answered prayer Lord. In Jesus Christ’s name



(Romans 8:17)

“And since we are his children, we are his heir. In fact, together with Christ we are heirs of God’s glory. But if we are to share His glory, we must also share His suffering” – NLT

In this text is a great condition (But if) about sharing in the glory of Christ. But if we are to share His glory, we must also share His suffering. It is a must! …. Someone’s reason of not believing in the existence of a supreme being – God – is due to the fact that someone dear to him believed so much in God, and lost her life tragically through cancer without ‘this so-called God’ coming to her aid. What ignorance!

Let’s keep in mind that the road we have vowed to thread is so full of trouble and suffering as the Bible rightly points in the text above. Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 16:24, “If you anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself, take up the cross, and follow me.” Is this not suffering? On another occasion He told a rich young ruler that in order for him to have treasure stored up in the promised kingdom of God, he must go sell all his possessions, and give it to the poor, and come take up the cross, and follow Him. – (Mark 10:21). What can be said of this, other than suffering?

In as much as we are eager to share in God’s glory, we must also be expectant of the sufferings that are bound to befall our way. In all things, let’s not forget to give thanks to the one and only God who deserves it all.


Not long ago, I had the ambition to be a rapper. During the time that I wanted to be a rapper, I wrote thousands of songs. Out of the several songs I wrote, I want to share with you one of the songs, if not the only one, that talks about Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. You can sing the lines, rap the lines, and read the lines, but as you do that please make sure you focus on the words because they carry so much power that is capable of lifting you from your troubles. They are capable of taking you from the road to destruction and putting you on the road to Paradise. I titled it “Jesus died for me and you.” Enjoy.


yeah! yeah! ooooh yeah!

(somebody let me hear you say it)

Yeah! yeah! ooooh yeah!

Jesus died for sinners like me

(Sinners like me)

If you ask me how I know

(how I know)

John 3 vrs 16 qoutes that

(It says it all homie)

And that word ‘whosoever’ means me


that’s the gospel baby

there is an old story

that is ever new

there is an old story

that is very true

and whosoever shall believe

shall life forever receive

Praise God for that relief

long long ago

a man came to die for me as well as you

he passed the surface of this earth like me and you

in flesh and blood

he healed the sick

he made the blind to see

the lame to walk

he gave food to the hungry

and quenched the thirst of the masses.

then, everything was cool

until the enemy refused

to accept him king to rule

the whole wide world

so they caught him

and beat him

they whipped him

and mocked him

they spat on his face

and kicked his arse

he walked haphazardly

and they jeered him

they plaited him a crown of thorn

and placed it on His head

a purple robe with bitter scorn

His scepter was a reed

behold the man these fools call king

was pirates mocking cry

‘He is the one and only son of God almighty’

was his people’s cry

and owned him king most high

they led him from the judgment hall

and nailed him to the cross

and gave him mingled wine and gall

and mocked his pain and agony

‘father forgive them’ was his prayer

’tis finished’ was his cry to his father

and shortly he died

and was laid to rest

rest in perfect peace

that death washed my transgressions as well as yours

that has masked our face from the glare of the lord’s

on the third day, he rose from the dead

And ascended to Heaven, via the clouds, before His people

this old story is sour, but sweet

and refreshing.

Who is this man?

Jesus the Nazerene

Jesus Christ

He came to die for my sins

and your sins

It is what it is.


Ooooh for onetime make you pray to God

(Jesus died yeah)

I mean the almighty God

Move your hands in the air

from the left and to the right

And your knees buried in the ground

And lift up louder

the name of your savior

Praise Him

And wave something

Lift up His name oh louder

Jesus died, Jesus died yeah

Jesus died for me and you


You weren’t ransomed with a price of gold

You weren’t ransomed with a sum untold

But by the precious blood of our Lord’s dear son

God sent Him for us all

Whether you are black or white

Jesus came to die for you and me

Listen and give your ears to me

Cos i know obedience

is better than sacrifice

What is your reason sister?

What is your problem brother?

You can drink, smoke, and cry

But your problem go dey

You go cry all the way

Day by day

But the problem go dey

so, me I say

the Bible say

Make you pray to God

“Our father, who art in heaven”

through His son Jesus who died for our sin

Would you die for a lover?

Or die for your mother?

But Jesus died, Jesus died yeah

Jesus died for me and you

C’mon praise Him

And wave something

to the glory of His name


Here and there

In the class, or in the Church

In the office, or in your bed

That’s right

You know the right thing

so do it right

and now

Don’t be deceived that Hell with many

is better than heaven with a few


Ooooh for onetime make you pray to God

(Jesus died yeah)

I mean the almighty God

Move your hands in the air

from the left and to the right

And your knees buried in the ground

And lift up louder

the name of your savior

Praise Him

And wave something

Lift up His name oh louder

Jesus died, Jesus died yeah

Jesus died for me and you


everytime we make a move

Wanna efforts are thwarted alive

many hours working under the sun

without any positive changes in our lives

Pushing trucks  for ends meet was part of us

But today Jesus put them all aside

So so wonders he continues to do

this message is for everyone: both rich and poor

those in chains of the wicked

those whose lives are in the hands of the witches

those whose aims and goals in life seem far from reaching

And to you who have life today

Many struggled alot but couldn’t see this day

it’s simple, just listen

Great is the foe

but onwards we must go

As we sing this mighty chorus

Jesus died, Jesus died yeah

Jesus died for me and you

My brother man

And sister woman

Be valiant and strong

And resist the powers of sin

The fight is long

and the foe is strong

But we are winners in the Lord

so i say

do good all the time

And give it all to Christ

Give Him your lifetime

and He will never let you down

Go to Church on sunday

and listen to the preacher

and live your life in God’s way

His love is wide wide wide as the ocean

High high high as the heaven

Deep deep deep as the deepest sea

Praise Him

and wave something


I’m glad that my Lord is alive

I’m glad that my Lord hears my cry

yeah! yeah! oooooh yeah!


Hebrews 6:10

My brothers and sisters in the Lord, I want to share this text with you this week simply because of the strength and hope I have personally drawn from it. What is more refreshing than getting to know that irrespective of our tribulations, adversities, trials and afflictions, our God is just, and still has his eyes fixed on His faithful servants. His memory, too, always afresh with the records of our hard work and faithfulness. He never forgets!

Please, whatever your thoughts or decision to distance yourself from God because you seem to lie on the blind side of His mercies, this is a humble call to you to rescind that decision and still focus on Him for He has neither forgotten nor forsaken you. He is working for you, and in His time you cannot count your blessings. Do not give up, your miracle is on the way. In not so distant a future, you shall receive your abundant rewards fully.


These are songs that the Lord has placed on my tongue this day, and I want to share them with you.

1. The steadfast love

Of the Lord

Never ceases

His faithfulness

Never comes to an end

They are new every morning

New every morning

Great is thy faithfulness

Oh lord

Great is thy faithfulness

2.    I have a God

Who never fails

I have a God

Who never fails

I have a God

Who never fails

Who never fails

Who never fails

Forever more

Keep these songs on your lips, and see the wonderful things that will befall your path from God. He is able to do everything, you need to just trust in Him. AMEN!


(Genesis 22:1-2)

Faith is the act of laying down something precious for the sake of a provision, which is not too obvious, from God. Abraham was known for his extraordinary act of faith by almost slaughtering his only son, a gift he desired all his life. For what? Even though Isaac was so precious to Abraham, he believed for God to ask of him to sacrifice his son, then He (God) has a provision that is far better than the required sacrifice. In short, this is an act of faith.

The basis of faith is sacrifice. Our faith is based on the sacrifice Jesus Christ has made on the cross for our sake. All that is required of us is to lay down our lives for this truth. Be prepared, at all times, to lay down something precious for the sake of the wonderful provisions promised by God through Jesus Christ.