As humans, we are assured of afflictions (verbal, physical, spiritual, persecution, disappointments, etc.,) from our environment (peers, schools, homes, offices, etc.). One thing that manifests and emphasizes who we are amidst all these, is our act of forgiveness and readiness to reconcile and move on with whoever that has caused us great harm some time past. Accepting them back and even having a better relationship with them afterwards is not unchristian.

Paul says in vs 8 and I quote: “For this reason (being a Christian) I could be bold enough, as your brother in Christ, to order you to do what should be done (forgiveness)”.

If you are thinking your case does not deserve forgiveness, consider Philemon’s case with Onesimus in the text above. From the text above, I dare say that you cannot greatly impact someone if you are not ready to let go their wrong doings and move on with them.


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