Is there anyone who has Time: extra time? Let him lend it to me. Time is one commodity that all men have equal measure – 24 hours in a day. Having time to do something is just because Time has been made for it. In other words, Time is allocated for a purpose, and not otherwise – the purpose made for the Time. Perhaps, your reason of not having Time is because you never made time for that cause. Remember, the amount of Time spent on someone/something tells how much value is placed on that particular person/thing.

As Christians, we have the ‘bios’ life and the ‘zoe’ life (NB. Coming up soon). There is the gargantuan need to make Time for the things related to these lives. False balance is an abomination says the good book (BIBLE). Our first responsibility as sons of God has to do with making Time for the things of God – praying, reading the Bible, meditating, fellowshipping with fellow brethren, witnessing, etc. Quit making excuses!

The big question that emanates, having realised that our not having time for God has to do with us not making Time for Him, is: “What then do we make Time for?” School activities, lecture notes, job, parenting, marriage duties, part-time businesses, politics, travelling, Executive board meetings,making money, gossiping, partying, sleeping, arguing …? Let’s not quickly forget that we shall one day account to God for all that He has given unto us, of which time is one. Bible says what do we have that we did not receive of the Lord?

I do not think God is asking so much of us, at all. Jesus said (Matthew 22:21), give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is His. I would put it this way: “give to Babylon (the systems of this world) what is its and to God what is His. Let’s not be hypocrites who have time, but only for ourselves and our physical cravings (Isaiah 55:2a), not for the things of God.

Remember, God draws nearer to those who draw nearer to Him. Let each one work out his own salvation with fear and trembling, says the good book (Bible). The secret is proper time apportioning which comes from the Wisdom of God.

By: Ameyaw Bernice Ama, KNUST


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