True believers of Christ die with the hope of meeting their Saviour. To live is Christ, and to die is gain. It’s sad what some relations and ‘friends’ of deceased Christians say, “They served God, yet see how they die – in penury, untimely, pathetically, just to mention a few.” Isn’t it rather pathetic that these relations and ‘friends’ wish their deceased Christian ‘friends’ or family members lived longer in this wicked world? If only they knew what and how the place promised by Christ is – free of sorrows and pains – they would rather rejoice and be encouraged to serve God well. God’s plans for us are great. Am saddened by people’s reasons for not being Christians or ceasing to be Christians. To them (unbelievers), they are solid and genuine reasons which I respect a lot for a fact, but, as a matter of fact, for me, they are as weak as feeble, and do not make any sense. For what shall separate us from the love of Christ? Death, sickness, poverty, riches, tribulations, etc.? I don’t know what or who you call your God, or what your hope or trust is in. But can you measure how much your ‘god’/’God’ LOVES, cares and is concerned about you?

My God proved His love for me when He died naked on the cross. He took my shame, my sins, and my punishment. Amazing love! How is it possible- that my God should die for me? This puzzle makes me intoxicated with His Love, and at His feet I will eternally bow.


By: Ameyaw Bernice Ama


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