Bow down your heads let’s pray.

Father Lord, thank you for this day. We give you praise, honor and adoration for how far you have come with us. Lord, we ask that your love falls afresh on us this day. Break us, melt us, mould us, and fill us with the spirit of righteousness. Father Lord, stay with us for the earth is dark and our deeds are cold: our little spark of hope die. The earth is long Lord, be with us and make us strong. Restore our hope, brighten our future, and give us the Holy Ghost power as we walk the face of the earth. We are weak, but you are mighty. Father hold us with your powerful hands every day. We ask for your blessings this moment, and continue to seek your face as we keep working for our place in your kingdom. Jesus, we love you. We thank you for dying for us, and also opening our ears and hearts to the Gospel. At this moment Lord, we surrender our lives into your care: We give you our hearts, souls and bodies because we love you Jesus. Thank you father for accepting us at the foot of your throne, paying heed to our words, and granting us our supplications. In Jesus name we pray.


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