(Romans 8:32-34)

What an awesome scripture! Oh Lord, thank you for making me chance upon this scripture this day.

Even in our human settings, we are very confident when we know, and are close to someone in a higher authority, because we know that by virtue of that relationship we have with him/her (one in authority), we shan’t be deprived of whatever we needed from him/her (one in authority). If this can be said of us mortals, then what of the one; who is immortal, who says and it’s law, who is superior to everything, who is the hearer, the sayer, and the doer, who is love – did not even spare His only son but gave him up for us (our freedom). This is the truest manifestation of LOVE.

Let nobody tell you, “If the God you serve really loves and cares enough, and He is indeed the provider of everything, why then are you living this miserable life?” You might be facing financial challenges, child-bearing problems, etc., no doubt, but I tell you, it is but for a short time. God makes His children abound in everything – Romans 8:32. He is faithful, he never departs from His words

God has a purpose for everyone (like the potter and his pottery). Yours might be to glorify Him in your poverty. My brothers and sisters in the Lord, those harsh words that are getting you thinking about the Love of God, and flickering your faith, are nothing but distractions to your vow to serve God and Him only. Cease to give them a moment’s thought and be steadfast.

In as much as we have been exposed to this truth, we must be diligent and persistent in our prayer to God. Let us ask rightly (not for our own selfish pleasures) and according to His unquestionable will. God grants us a great and fruitful week.



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