Not so long ago, a friend of mine from a different religious background, called and told me one confusion of his with regards to my belief. It is in this category – ISSUE – on this blog because, we think, it is an issue that needs immediate attention and address, and you, together with us, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit will solve the issue for not only my friend, but the numerous others whose understanding has been clouded by this  confusion. This is what ensued between us. For the reason that I have not informed my friend of putting our conversation here, I will plead, with all due respect, to withhold his name. Permit me to refer him GENTLEMAN.

GENTLEMAN: Hello, Atteh?

ATTEH: Hello, my paddy (the way I refer my friends)

GENTLEMAN: Is your knee the reason for your absence at the beach today?

ATTEH: Not really. I have been busy trying to get words from the Lord to post today on my blog. I guess you guys had so much fun.

GENTLEMAN: Yeah, sure. I hope your knee, too, is getting better, anyways

ATTEH: By the Grace of God

GENTLEMAN: We thank God. Talking of your blog even reminds me, I have been wanting to ask something.

ATTEH: My brother, I’m all ears talk to me. After all, what are friends for?

GENTLEMAN: You know the story of Jonah in the Bible?

ATTEH: Very well.

GENTLEMAN: Can you briefly run me through what happened to him?

ATTEH: Jonah was just a man sent by God to warn the people of Nineveh to desist from their evil doings lest disaster, anarchy, destruction will befall them soon. Jonah knew within himself that the people he was supposed to go and warn will never pay heed to his words and therefore he decided to go the opposite way… blah … blah .. blah …(I believe we all know the story, if not then please read the book of Jonah 1-4)

GENTLEMAN: Did Jonah die in the belly of the whale?

ATTEH: No! God took good care of him because he had a special purpose to serve for Him.

GENTLEMAN: You see, Atteh, this is where my problem lies. You mean to say Jonah did not die at all?

ATTEH: Yes of course, he didn’t.

GENTLEMAN: I hope you can be resourceful to me here. Why do you people say Jesus died and resurrected when, when the Pharisees enquired for signs of His authority, he himself said in Matthew 12:40 that, “For as Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days so will the son of man also be in the heart of the earth for three days” If you mean Jonah did not die then Jesus too did not die let alone resurrect. If you claim He died and resurrected then Jonah too did same. What do you have to say about that, Atteh?

Frankly, I told him I was going to check the scriptures to get back to him. Wonderful friends, followers and visitors of our blog, let’s together dissect this issue and in so doing remove the mask of confusion over this statement of Jesus’ for my dear friend which will stand to go a long way to save his soul and some others with this same problem. Let’s get talking!


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