Only Jesus saves

Me And My God Today


This is the season when we celebrate the central attraction of Christianity. This season commemorates the pain, agony, maltreatment, scorn, death, and the ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ. But why do we rather celebrate such a time and not mourn. It is so simple a reason. This season is celebrated because of the significance of Christ’s death, which will come to light shortly, to the Christiandom.

Man fell short of the glory of the almighty God through the sins of Adam and Eve, and a gap was created between man and God. To bridge this gap, God brought the law through Moses to mankind to make him righteous. But these laws were hard to go by and as a result couldn’t make man righteous, and so the need for an alternative, which is the blood of a pure and a holy being.

To pacify something completely, a holy and pure blood…

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