Matthew 26:36-45

There is the great need for a personal or lonely or solitary prayer in times of trial. Even Jesus withdrew from His good friends – Peter, and the two sons of Zebedee – to confront the Lord in prayer. There is no doubt family prayer, church prayer, group prayer are all good, but it is evident in Jesus’ case in the text above that those with which you have group prayers would not have your trial, hence their motivation would be so down, and not keep watch with you. For all the three times that Jesus came back to check on His selected disciples, they were asleep.

Such a personal or solitary prayer time must have the following traits. I call them the two acts and the two utterances.

The Two Acts

  1. Separation: (vrs 39)

At certain times, one must distance him/herself from others to have a personal prayer time with the almighty God. “Going a little further” this is exactly what makes the prayer personal – your being alone somewhere talking to God.

  1. Humility

Even Jesus showed great humility in his personal prayer by falling on his face to the ground (vrs 39), how much more we. For the fact that we do not ask boastfully but humbly, let us spice up our prayers with humility for the Lord God himself to lift us up in His own time.

The two Utterances

  1. Filial ( – father)

It is when you tell someone of your knowledge about your relationship that they get the realization that you have the right to what you ask of them. It is His responsibility to protect and provide for you. And Jesus said to His father, the Lord God almighty, “my father”, for all the three times He separated Himself from His disciples and called on Him at Gethsemane. Reminding God of His relationship with Him.

  1. Resignation ( – your will)

Resigning oneself to the will of God is the wisest thing to do. Even though you wish you had gotten out of that trial, the will of God must be sought ahead of your own will. Jesus during His trial said (vrs 39), “if it is possible, may this cup be taken be taken from my head, yet not as I will but as you will”.

Separating oneself humbly to remind the Lord of your relationship and resigning to His will shall surely give you that breakthrough. Do not forget that the most important parts of asking/prayer are “please” and “thank you.”


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