Act 3:6

What a privilege we have in the authority of the name of the savior of the world – Jesus Christ. I dare say we are under-utilizing this opportunity , because as Christian with this privilege, the things that confront us that seem to threaten our faith ought not. By the name of Jesus Christ such things must bow, they must give way, they must be cast out.

It is palpable that Peter and John would not have been able to heal the crippled beggar at the entrance of the Beautiful gate if they had not believed in the privilege they had in the name of Jesus. This is an indication that with the name of Jesus Christ, it does not matter the age of the existence of a certain inefficiency, it is bound to bow and give way to the influence of the words that precedes or proceeds the name of the Lord.

There is absolutely nothing that this name cannot affect. What do you want? Just have faith in the Lord and you will never be disappointed. Thank you God for this miracle today.


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