Acts 2:42-47

When people come to believe in the Good News of Christ and formed or joined a community, they; pray together, share in both meals and needs, they share in the words of God, and they fellowship. It is through this that they get to strengthen one another and lift up high a desolate and falling spirit. Once you are a believer, know that the concept of individualism has dissolved completely in your life and has been immediately replaced with communism. I have never seen in any part of the Bible where there is the teaching that a believer must keep his riches whilst his fellow believers wallow in abject poverty. Let us endeavor to be, what I call, practicing Christians even in the toughness of circumstances. If you know not, then a practicing Christian;

  • Gives unconditionally
  • Prays at all times without ceasing
  • Devotes himself to the teaching of the Apostles
  • Fellowships with the saints (e.g. in worship, praise, etc.)
  • Shares in the Lord’s Supper (these are but a few)

One very significant thing the believers in the reference text were doing was that those with wealth sold their properties and possessions to support those in need. This practice does not only strengthen us and the community of believers we find ourselves in, but also has the enormous potential and capability of drawing unbelievers into believing in our faith. God help us all practice Christianity.


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