The builder (Psalm 127)

There’s the need to include God in every part of our lives. In life, we make plans to build better career, better friendships, better families, better future, and better upbringing of kids, better everything… and work hard to bring them to pass. Psalm 127 teaches that we should allow the Lord to build with us. Because if He does not build, we build but in vain. Even as God builds in the spirit, we build it in the flesh. Remember, everything that happens on earth physically is influenced by the spiritual realm. With God all things are possible and even as we build while He builds, we do not end up frustrated and restless but rather, we build and do all things from His rest.

Verse 3 of psalm 127 tells us that children are a reward from the Lord. But to who? Psalm 128:3 teaches that it is a reward to them that fear Him. Such children should be treasured as spears in a warrior’s hand, in the hands of the parents.

Father, build our lives that we may build, save us from the frustration of building our own life or building it to please families. Give or show us how you are building it that we may build exactly what you build.

Our builder- the Lord most high.

By: Bernice Ameyaw Ama


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