There came a time in the life of one teenaged Israelite called Joseph, when out of the influence he had in his own father’s house his brothers hated him, and plotted against him, and sold him into slavery to a faraway land of Egypt. Because of your influence know that you will definitely have adversaries, even family people. Even as a slave in the house of Potiphar, he was still influential to the point that Potiphar made him the chief attendant in his house.

An unfortunate event sends Joseph into prison, and even over there in prison, he was still influential; He attended to Pharaoh’s, the most prominent person in the whole of Egypt, officials who were also sent into prison.

Meanings of dreams were just revealed unto joseph by God in a special way that he uttered no other words other than the meanings of the dreams after hearing whatever the dreams were. And the Lord never failed him in the interpretations of the dreams. By this influence Joseph was introduced to Pharaoh, and that influence of his affected the whole world.

My message today is that, however small the corners you brighten, do not stop because in no, and due, time the whole of your community, school, or nation will feel and be affected by your light. And Pharaoh and his officials said this about Joseph, “Can we find anyone like this man, whom is the spirit of God?”

Remember, a light put under cover does not shine or brighten a place. Do not be afraid to let the world see what good substance you are made of, your talents. Once you have greatly influenced someone, the mouth of the person would never be kept shut, it would house a tongue of praise, worship, adoration, and blessing. Like mine is for Ameyaw Bernice Ama.

God is the secret behind Joseph’s blossoming influence, and so should yours also be. Do not let ingrates dim your light of influence. Ama, I love you dearly.

(Reference: The story of Joseph – Genesis 37-47)


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