Permission to start by quoting Immanuel Kant, and I quote, “The Bible is an inexhaustible fountain of all truth. Its existence is the greatest blessing humanity ever experienced.” Courtship, defined by the 4th Edition of the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, is “The time when people have a romantic relationship with the intention of marriage.” During this time, the prospective spouses assess each other properly and with thoroughness so as to avert problems like divorce that might arise from issues of incompatibility. In short, courtship is the testing period of compatibility of a relationship between two people of opposite biological orientation.

A great marital life was recorded in the Bible to have existed, and surprisingly it was not preceded by the so called courtship. This actually is the marriage between Isaac and Rebekah. Isaac was the son of Abraham, and Rebekah Abraham’s niece born to Bethuel, Abraham’s brother. Do not be quick to point out that they were related and so they were less incompatible. They never knew each other before they came together and besides, do not we have relatives who are best of enemies today?

Bethuel and his family might have asked those questions we would have asked today, but what is really worth mentioning is their insignificance when God provides. Questions like: In what company does he work and what position is he occupying? Does he limb on any of his legs? What is his height? Has he an enviable physique? Is he a man of repute? Etc. They just believed in the story of Abraham’s servant and trusted in the lord for the best.

Isaac on the other hand, also did not ask those unnecessary questions I would have asked until now, like: Is she a virgin (when we take pride today in ‘de-virginizing’ dozens of virgins)? Has she a voluptuous body? Can she cook good meal? Etc. Isaac on meeting Rebekah just embraced her with so much joy and exhilaration, because he knew that once God has provided it was the best and the best only.

courting couple

Isaac and Rebekah were two perfect strangers who came together in marriage and, as recorded in the Bible, their marriage flourished flamboyantly without traces of infidelity, misunderstanding, physical and verbal abuses, etc. And the Bible says in Genesis 24:67 that Isaac loved Rebekah deeply, and Rebekah was a special comfort to Isaac. What is pivotal in the success of a marriage is recognizing your role and serving/performing it with all your heart, after founding it on God. It is never how long you have courted. That is a great misconception.

Courtship might be relevant to the success of a marriage, but if you believe it is the Almighty God who provides a spouse then courtship is as irrelevant as pacifying a sinful person with the blood of a goat. Because there is no fault in what the almighty God provides

(Scriptural reference: Genesis 24)


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