I sat in my room thinking of what this life is all about because I felt like doing something on my own (after completing the university) for God, and for myself. As I considered my life so far, I asked, “Is this all there is to life?” Then the Spirit of God led me to the book of Ecclesiastes where the preacher talks of what this life is all about. The substance in this book blessed me so much, and I see it worth this sharing on this medium.

In one word the preacher said that life is vanity. Under the sun, every toil, labour, effort of man in its entirety is vanity. Such is life, but you ought to live it as long as you have what it takes – breathe. Have you ever played a video game where you wished there was an extra key on the game pad for your imaginary actions?  I guess you did, but unfortunately, that wasn’t possible because life is not like that. You just cannot do anything but to use the keys you have. One can only live life by how it is designed.

Throughout the book of Ecclesiastes, I realised that the preacher tells his readers to enjoy life from the fruits of their labour. “Eat, drink, make merry from the toil of thy labour, enjoy with your spouse in all the vain days of your life. Do not frustrate yourself with this life and its proceedings. Just enjoy it, considering it a gift; your heritage.” He said.

One very important point King Solomon made was that the beginning of a thing is not as important as its end – so is man. I admonish and pray that you make great impact with your life before you give up the ghost. Let the gathering at your funeral be far greater than that at your outdooring. Look at Jesus Christ, born in a manger, witnessed and visited by a handful, but when He died… Live a fulfilled life – a life full of glory.

In conclusion, the preacher declared, “Fear God and keep His commandments.” In all your life of vanity, always bear in mind that we have a home in Heaven. God has placed eternity within our hearts. Secure a place in Heaven for your soul now. Let your heart trust in God, serve Him with your all, and let your eyes constantly be set on Christ.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, but a life without God is meaningless and lifeless. It is well with our souls. Amen!

By: Ameyaw Bernice Ama


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