Part 1

The wisdom of this age is the kind of wisdom that is based on concrete evidence. The kind of wisdom that believes out of sight and explanation: The Thomas kind of wisdom – that ‘Seeing is believing’ thing. Surprisingly, the word of God is designed such that, it presents no understanding to ‘the wise’ – men filled with this kind of wisdom – as every aspect of it is based on faith. Truth is, no one can truly know God through the wisdom of this world, for the Word would seem foolish. But, God through the foolishness of the message preached, saves those who believe. The word of God is so simple that one needs not ‘wisdom’ to understand. Isn’t this amazing? The Jews and the Greeks could not comprehend: For He has chosen the foolishness of this world to confound the wise. Waiting to see God before believing in Him is a jeopardy to your own salvation. Only the faithful and humble will benefit from the cross. If the word required wisdom to understand, I am sure by now the cost involved would be so huge that the ‘simple’ would not be able to afford.

This Word, so rich, simple, and free but man, professors, learned men, etc., have not been saved because it is either foolishness or a stumbling block to them. Now I understand why many learned and logical thinkers cannot make out the wisdom of the salvation message. God has hidden the Gospel from the wise and has unveiled it to us, the ‘simple’. For us the ‘simple’, seeking to be wise have become fools in the eyes of the world (I Cor 3:18b). Now with all boldness I confess that the foolishness and weakness of God is wiser and stronger than men.

By: Ameyaw Bernice Ama

Keep reading for the ending part of this wonderful piece. God bless you.


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