It is the number one wish of everyone to marry a virgin. A virgin? Oh yes! A person who has not been known sexually by the opposite sex is qualified to be referred by that word. The best gift to offer your spouse is your virginity. It is no doubt refreshing, as much as rewarding, to present yourself to your spouse unviolated to audibly announce your awareness and acknowledgement of the fact that your body is the temple of the Lord, and have hence accorded it the due respect and regard.

The self-loathe alone that comes with defiling the temple of the Lord, is even more suicidal than the sin being committed against your God, future husband/wife, family, friends, and your entire community at large. The fact that no society teaches promiscuity, premarital sex, and definitively no law favors them, buttresses the fact that virginity is a social plus to anyone who has it. But, if you are not lucky enough to receive this gift from your spouse, do not kick yourself over it. The Lord is in control and He knows well. After all, it lasts, at most, a week in the marriage.

The fact actually is virginity does not really make a girl/boy more desirable like his/her words and attitude. What it actually does is make him/her admirable and respectable. What I always say with so much pride to friends is, “If you do not talk about who you are, nobody will know you have a reason for being who you are.” If you are a hard-earned virgin, let the world hear your story. Virginity is not a sought after, or a requisite quality of a spouse, it rather comes as a bonus and those privileged to earn it always are the lucky and deserving. A requisite quality of a spouse must be kindness and not virginity, for virginity lasts in a day and kindness a lifetime. In simpler words, virginity can be taken from you, but kindness, never.

For you beautiful men and women out there, I know the pressure is wrestling you down to have a taste of the ‘thing’, but please I humbly plead with you to endure through the turbulent storms of temptation. Permission to end on the note of encouragement with a saying that, “an easy conquest is no victory.” You won’t be counted victorious if you had it easy. Just remain focused on the Lord and He will see you through. Before you wish to marry a virgin, you must be one yourself.


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