A major way by which people in Ghana, the youth especially, utilize public holidays and weekends is by going out to places with friends and family to have fun. I have been an introvert throughout my formative years, simply because I felt – I still feel – so uneasy stealing glances at people right in the eyes, so I always avoided situations, events and occasions that brought together a lot of eyes. I was always with myself, by myself, and for myself left to my own fate. No wonder social media is my mouthpiece; I get to express myself without actually watching eyes, and not show my discomfort by watching elsewhere.

Recently I have become very tired of always being by myself and with myself, so I stepped out into town with an oral questionnaire to see if this fun ‘outing’ could be a solution to my boredom, and break me free of my shyness. The only age group I considered for my research was the one between twenty and thirty because they I can relate to better. I must say I did not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, tribe, and/or academia. The questions I paid very particular attention to are: “What do you consider fun?” and “How do you have it?”

having fun?

Irrespective of the weird and strange nature of my findings, I still find it worth sharing because someone’s life is capable of being transformed for the better. Most of the ladies consider going out to do daring stuffs with guys and fellow ladies as fun, and they have it by going to the poolside, beach, and the nightclub. As inquisitive and desperate as I was, I continued with my barrage of questions, and the next as a follow up to the preceding is obviously, “What are those daring stuffs?” “Strutting my half-naked sexy self before the guys, who immediately show trait of ‘grabbing’ to take a bite. It is the best fun to have making somebody want to do something explicit with you. Taking a few puffs of the weed and dancing my head off is so fun”, one of the ladies responded emphatically.

The guys on the other hand gave similar answers like the ladies did to my questions. “Having to mingle with a lot of ladies in almost naked appearances with a lot of tobacco and weed to smoke, and drinks to quaff. You know, when much of the drink has entered the ladies, in the midst of deafening secular music, is the onset of unlimited fun. Sex is the best way of expressing youthful exuberance.” I spat out a very big housefly to send me a signal of reality.

My amazement was great because almost all the responses I had were from people who call themselves Christians. Whether they are tongue-speaking Christians or not I cannot tell, but they told me they went to church regularly. I am stopping here on my write up before my findings end up making someone want to try to have a taste of this fun.

Looking at fun and having it through the eyes of a ‘practising Christian’ is certainly what I seek to present here. The big question is, “Is this the Christian kind of fun?” I am thinking the Christian kind of fun has to do with doing something to bring someone into the House of the Lord. Your body is the temple of the Lord, so use it in a way that will give glory to the Lord. For the fact that none of what the world considers fun can be attained or done in the church means that that fun is a mistake and must be avoided at all cost.

I consider going to the beach to swim and after swimming relax with somebody, telling him/her about Christ, or call a special someone and say, “If what I have for you is love, and Christ died on the cross for you because of this same love, then love Him more than you love me.” This is my fun! Evangelism can be yours too, just give it a thought. Have the wise fun, and save your life from destruction. I love you.



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