At a very tender age I got to know that it is often and mostly the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. I am saying this at this time because I want to encourage someone today to have patience and wait on the Lord. Remember, patience is the soul of victory. Do not be discouraged at whatever you are doing that seem not to be producing the desired results, because even the late sea goer has his fish in the sea.

Put passion and pleasure behind whatever you do and you will realise that failure is not a ‘stop’ sign, but rather a ‘try again’ to begin once again strategically. For a fact, we stop at the destination and not mid-way. You can’t pitch your tent midway; going back too is an impossibility, for the reason that you can’t recoup whatever you have spent thus far. You have to endure and keep on fighting at all cost. Think of where you would have been today if your mum had not endured the pain to ‘push’ and had given up. Results come through pain, trying, and keeping on.

I tell you, you might not be there yet but you are destined for greatness. Today you are closer to your goal than you were yesterday, and farther than you will be tomorrow. Do I need to say also that the bridge between winning and losing is often ‘NOT QUITING’?

To the brain that sense is given, a good result is expected.


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