He paid the debt

He did not owe

I owe the debt

I could not pay

I needed someone

To wash my sins away

Now I can sing a brand-new song ‘Amazing grace’

Lord Jesus paid the debt

That I could never pay

Way back in 2006, I had a T-shirt with an inscription of ‘freedom is not free’ no it, and I had always wondered who made that statement and what he/ she meant by that statement. Reading through the Bible, I have come to the realisation that absolute freedom is free and what that person had said about freedom not being free is a nothing but a lie.

Matthew 1:21 makes me understand that Jesus came to grace the surface of this wicked world to primarily, among other reasons, break our chains captivity to sin – i.e. To set us free. And the amazing part of it all is that you and I paid nothing in return for the freedom from Christ. I think what inspired the one who said freedom is not free is actually what human beings are doing to fellow human beings who desperately needed somethings. A lot of times, almost always, in this material universe do we see people do little things for desperate people and ask for the whole world in return for the good done.

What I want to echo and re-echo in this piece is, “the freedom in Christ is far greater than opened doors and it is absolutely free.” There are only four free simple steps to gaining this freedom:

  1. Recognise your sins.
  2. Acknowledge Him (Jesus) saviour
  3. Confess your sins
  4. Renew your mind/ change your ways

Hurray! You are free and absolutely free forever. For if the son sets you free you shall be free indeed.

If by dint of you being a Thomas you think this freedom is a myth or a fallacy, I will urge you to give it a try, and your life will never be the same. Praise the Lord!


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