Have you heard of that man called Job? It took just a split second for Job to lose all His possession (wealth and riches). God did not befall Job with that tragedy, he rather gave in to a challenge thrown by the devil. This is just to tell us that God allows those things to happen to us because He boasts of us and knows that we can handle those trials with ease. God knows us very well and also trusts that even as we give Him thanks for the good things He provides for us, we would not curse him when the bad starts showing its ugly head. We still have to be grateful and wait upon Him for the best. That is why He said in His limitless wisdom that in all things we must give glory and thanks to Him.

Do you know that Job’s wealth and riches were restored much much faster than the calamity befell Him? Just wait on God patiently and He will glorify Himself with your case. Let the faithfulness of the Lord be your shield and rampart this week and the rest of the weeks in this year and beyond.


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