I had always asked myself what I would grow up to become, but one thing that has become obvious recently is that I am never going to grow up, but I am rather going to be growing up – that growing up was a slow ongoing process. And that the question “What will I grow up to become today?” will be a question of mine today that I will demand the answer from my own self tomorrow.

This truly informs me that the question ought to be “what have I grown up to become thus far?” or “What am I becoming as I grow?” This exercise is called self-examination of one’s life. Setting your own questions, answering some of the questions yourself, marking your own script, scoring yourself marks, and analysing what you have become by your own self.

This assessed life is what the Christians, Moslems, Psychologists, and others will term The Examined Life. In most instances, fear of getting to know what one has become has been the greatest limitation/ obstacle in evaluating one’s own life. Put to death now the fear of getting to know what bad you have become from what you have self architectured for yourself in the imaginary (dream) world. At least, it will afford you the chance to make things right if you had not. Remember, a life of mistakes is the one lived, and the one without mistakes is the one not yet lived.

A part of the examined life worth noting is that, there are two different kinds of people that are going to respond to your self-assessment questions. Yourself (occupying 30% of the assessment) and for the sake of un-biasness your close pals and buddies (occupying the remaining 70%). Kill your pride now, and let your friends help you examine your life lest you become a king in your own self built palace in the air, for the reason that pride comes before a fall.

In Matthew 16:13-20, Jesus conducted this examination by asking His disciples: Who do you say I am? From the response by His disciples he realised he was on course to fulfilling His purpose. It did not end there, He showed gratitude to His disciples. Show gratitude to whoever aids you in examining your life, and achieving your purpose and aspirations. Mind you, gratitude sustains a human relationship and the examined life is one worth emulating.


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