Isaac and Rebekah had their first children twenty years after their marriage. (Genesis 25:20, 26). A lot of times do Christians forget what they proclaim and profess, and give in to the inevitable challenges in their marital lives. It is, however, believed by a Christian that out of dust God formed MAN, but it is becoming difficult to trust in this same God, who is the same yesterday today and forever, to provide children even when science is saying, ‘no!.’ I sometimes wonder the kind of Christians we are. Without faith in the One we serve.

Do we sit for a moment and ask ourselves why God did not start creation with MAN? He could have started with MAN, anyways, but He chose to end with MAN. Sharing my opinion, I think He did that because He wanted to make everything that the life of a man depends on before actually creating the man. This is just to let you know that his wisdom surpasses all human wisdom and understanding, and we may find our ways, almost always, not coinciding with His. I am in no way hinting that God is insensitive to our plights, but rather raising an alarm that He provides in His proposed time.

God will not create us in His own image, accept us every day at the foot of his throne with our praise and worship, and then turn His back on us and make us objects of jeer and mockery in our communities. No way! I pity those Christians who are losing their patience on God because they have been married for some time without children, and then end up saying things like, “I have been waiting on God for so long, but I now think what people say is actually true, ‘He is inexistent.’” God have mercy! My brother, my sister, if these are your words then I plead with you to seek for mercy now before the wrath of God is invoked on you. Reading my path guide, the Bible, makes me understand that four, five, six, or whatever years of marriage without a child is nothing.

Are you yet to compare your case with Sarah, a pillar of patience, and Rebekah? Quickly do that and let’s see if the Lord has truly forsaken you like you think. Let us all crave for patience in all aspects of our lives, for patience is a great fruit of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is the representative of God in us. So if you have God in you, you have patience. Erase the thoughts of seeking things, e.g. children, jobs, etc., from sources that are not Godly and look up to God always for everything. He is the provider of everything.

Those young men (Daniel and his friends), said in Egypt that even if He will not save us, we still will not bow to this god. I pray that we will come to the point of our lives where we are braced up for the worst, the point where the phrase “it is well with my soul” forever remain in our hearts.


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