Matthew 13:3-23

From the parable of Christ read in the reference scripture above, it is noticed that there are four categories of people who hear the word of God. This week we shall take a good look at all the categories in details.

The first group, termed hard path (Matthew 13:4, 19), is the group that hears the word of God but do not have any understanding. The people belonging to this group are easily influenced by satan and they let go the word of God.

The second group, termed shallow, rocky soil (Matthew 13:5-6, 20-21), hears the message from God, receives it with joy, but does not have depth in their life. When this group of people starts facing troubles then they give up the good words they have heard.

The third group is made of people who hear the message but the lures of the world, and their longing and thirst for money, sex, power, and other materials things block the words of God from manifesting and propagating in them. This group is termed ground covered with thistles (Matthew 13:7, 22).

The fourth and last group is termed good/ fertile soil/ ground. This group listens to the word of God, understands it, spreads the message, and wins thirties, sixties, and even hundreds of souls unto the kingdom of God.

This week affords you the fresh opportunity to think of the reference text once again and decide which group you would belong. Make sure you belong to the fourth group and you will be rewarded greatly. NB. Soil or ground in the text is the human heart.


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