At what threshold do you stop asking, seeking, and knocking? Not so long ago, I visited one of my grandfathers and he opened my eyes to this amazing truth of asking and seeking from the Lord. He said, “We (humans) are many and God loves each and every one of us equally, so the only way one can get His immediate attention to do what he/she asks of Him is to persistently cry unto Him. At that point He sympathizes and becomes merciful unto us because He realizes, in one way or the other that He has not attended to your needs for long.”

Even after Jesus taught His disciples, in Luke 11:2-4, how to pray, he gave them an instance in the form of a story of some two friends. I call that story the parable of persistence – Luke 11:5-13. We ask, seek, and knock through prayer. Why stop asking, seeking, and knocking? Before pondering on, and attempt answering this question, let me quickly add another one: If even our fathers who art on earth have pity on and sympathize with us when we cry unto them for our wants and needs, how much more the one who is the embodiment of love?

This is a very wonderful revelation/ truth that since I came head-on in contact with I have never lacked anything that I asked God through prayer. Eventhough I am yet to receive the greatest of all my requests, whose provision will certainly make me the most blessed man in the whole universe, I have faith and trust that He will provide for me beautifully in no, and due, time. Don’t stop asking, seeking, and knocking, for a prayer that produces result is the one in tears. Hezekiah had fifteen more years added to his years because He prayed to God in tears, and God was merciful unto him. – Isaiah 38:1-6.

Explore this truth, and you will never be found lacking anything you have petitioned the Lord. Remember to ask showing reverence to the Lord, acknowledging your filial relationship, and letting His will reign at all times. Persist with tears, not crocodile tears – lol.


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