I must be noted that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a woman of the word. All she said in her words of praise to the Lord recounted in Luke 1:46-55 could be traced to other verses in the Old Testament of the Bible. It is my honest appeal to all and sundry to be diligent in the study of the Word of God; soon shall it become a part and parcel of us.

Throughout Mary’s words in Luke 1:43, 48, it was as though she was describing her status: a lowly servant, God fearing, humble, hungry… Whoever thought and imagined that the mother of the saviour of the world would be a woman of a lowly status would have been considered senseless. Surely, throughout all the land, the Lord shows mercy to none other than those who fear Him. How amazing how the favour of the Lord considers no class. It is just lovely and refreshing that Mary acknowledges that this blessing did not come her way by dint of her beauty, or whatsoever of hers, but via the Almighty’s very own unquestionable and unmerited favour. It had nothing to do with her, it was simply the hand of God. I pray that this hand of the good Lord will locate you and make you blessed too.

Mary talked of the people who qualified (according to her reasoning): the princesses, the rich, the proud, the haughty… but glory be to God who looks at the heart. I believe somehow that eventhough Mary saw the above mentioned class of people fit to bear the saviour, she prepared herself in the best way possible – perhaps with prayers, studying the word, renewing her mind, planning for the upbringing of baby Jesus. She dreamed it, prepared, awaited it, and ‘BAMM!’ she received it. That notwithstanding, it all happened as a favour from God and she accorded Him the out and out praise. Her dream and desire was not for the fame, neither for the riches, nor the pump and pageantry of outdooring the saviour to the world, but simply being the blessed among all women. Truly it is the blessing of God that makes a man rich (blessed).

Now the race is not to the swift, not the battle to the strong but time and chance happens to us all. Beloved, let us do all that we can to better our generation, to make their lives better for them – the generation of Christians, families, friends, community, nations, etc. according to the help of His dear Spirit. May the Lord take notice of us all and make our generations call us blessed. Amen!


Fervent prayer, study of the word, renewal of the mind, and sincere service to the Lord qualifies you to be called blessed. The Lord does not disappoint those who fear Him as well. (Psalm 34:9-10)

Courtesy Ameyaw Bernice Ama


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