(Genesis 18:1-15)

Giving in righteousness triggers the blessings of the good Lord

Some people do good to others expecting some material things in return; others do it for the satisfaction of putting a smile on someone’s face; some too do it in expectance of a heart’s desire(s) from God; and more often than not do people give to impress and show off that they have something in abundance.

The Lord surely rewards every giver. Let your reason for doing good be a good one and your blessings from the Lord will know no bounds. Reading the reference scripture, it is evident that Abraham gave the three messengers of the Lord that special treatment because He wanted them to bless His house before leaving. And surely they did. Abraham gave off his best to the messengers of the Lord and he received the best from the Lord.

Beloved, before you start thinking that you can bribe the good Lord with the good you do for others, or your offerings unto Him, read Isaiah 1:10-15. In your sin, know that your offerings are as good as nothing, they attract no reward rather curses. In as much as we are aware that giving triggers blessings from the lord, let us give with good hearts, pure intentions, and clean hands. God be with us all. Amen!


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