I once sat listening to the radio and one elderly man made this statement on it, “Sometimes in life, one needs to have his/ her own footsteps, and not walk in the footprints already created by others. It is better to take your own steps and leave bad footprints behind than having taken no step at all, at least there is joy in having done something, whether bad or good, than nothing”. However, after reading a book authored by Robert Liardon on how Kathryn Kuhlman was yielded to the Holy Spirit, I realised that as Christians we ought to walk in the steps of God’s Holy Spirit. In truth, this is true worship. Moses prayed that if God’s presence does not go before the people of Israel, they will not go. Actually, people who are ready to yield themselves completely to the Holy Spirit have their minds prepared to walk in the footprints of the Spirit.

Bible says that walking according to the spirit prevents one from fulfilling the desires of the flesh. We Christians cannot be without the Holy Spirit for it is our make-up and the legacy left us by Christ Jesus Himself. Making one’s own steps is bound to create difficulties for a life, especially one in/ toward ministry. The truth is that every believer is called into ministry. When it comes to spiritual matters, no one can live without the Spirit. That is why God, by His Holy Spirit, creates the path: makes the steps for us to tread.

If there is any step worth making for me, may it be in the footprints of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Let me indulge a case study to buttress this point. People living in areas where the road surfaces are made of clayey soil and undressed, like me, will attest that the roads become difficult to ply whenever it rains heavily; the whole path becomes thick with mud. Well, and if someone has gone ahead of you, you can see the deep footprints left behind as a result of the person carrying the mud at that area on his/her shoe. So if you are able to step in the footsteps of the first person, then it is possible that you will carry less mud, and have a trip with less attempts at biting the dust. However, this is highly dependent on whether the first person stepped at good places and at intervals convenient for you. Beloved, the footsteps that the Holy Spirit makes are solid and trustworthy and at intervals that we can easily and freely walk in.

Please Heavenly Father, let my footsteps be lost in the footprints of the Holy Spirit that men would not be able to see my footsteps but yours.

Courtesy: Ameyaw Bernice Ama


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