Oh how joyful I became when I learnt that You will be born into the midst of men this month. Father I am so grateful for your love, care, and protection throughout this year, from January through to December. Even though there were some hitches here and there, I give you thanks for Your word says that in all things must we have tongue of praise unto You. My dreams you have achieved with me have made me the most blessed person on the surface of this earth right now, no doubt about it.

My prayer this day father is just to make you aware that I await the birth of the savior of the world. My iniquities have I laid before you ahead of the birth of the savior Jesus Christ later on this month. Father I am so sorry and I pray that you help me have a stronger spirit to subdue all the pressures from the desires of the flesh. Lord I want to hold unto you and go wherever you go with you and witness all your sermons and miracles, especially when you fed the multitude with the handful of loaf and fish. I want to replicate this singular act of generosity, and father I pray and ask that even though I am going to be challenged by some ‘Philips’ that I don’t even have enough for myself, let me never hold back my hands of generosity. Father I want to use this opportunity at your feet to thank you and ask for your abundant blessings, support, and protection for the following people: (in no particular order) Peter Angmor Kodjo, Vida Koryo Kodjo, Daniel Akornor, Gloria Naa-Oyoe Quartey(mum), Frederick Angmortey Kodjo, Victoria Ampadu Boateng, Millicent Angmorkuor Kodjo, Hermann Angmornor Kodjo, Henking Teye Kodjo, Gustav Narh-Korli Kodjo, Paul Lawer Kodjo, Owen Angmor Kodjo, Florence Ablah-Doe, Elliot Ampadu Boateng, Loretta Oyoe Quartey, Bernice Ameyaw, all friends and loved ones, and all my cherished readers. I know everything became possible through these vessels because You God have allowed it. May you grant them their heart desires in Jesus’ name. I love you Lord and I await to worship you king forever. Amen!


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