Thank You father. For though I was a sinner You came to die for me, and now by that act You have granted me access to Your presence, given me the Holy Spirit and the right to the use of the name Jesus. I am most grateful, in Jesus’ name.

We, Christians, believe that Jesus came to die for the sins of the whole world. Gaining the greatest of all confirmation of this truth from the book of Romans, which says that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God: all the people of the world were sinners – all but none! So Christ died for you and for me. However, what I want of you right now is to personalize the death of Christ. That salvation is really meant for you.

Once you have personalized salvation, you would realise that it was your sins that had really caused the Man of sorrow to be nailed to the cross. Yes, your sins crucified Jesus. But glory be unto God that has made available the blood of Jesus to cleanse our sins.

The truth of the matter is that Jesus did not come at that time because the number of sinners on earth was very large, but because it was time for the sins of man to be paid for. And so, I am certain that if you were the only sinner on earth, Christ would still have come to die for you. He has said in the Good Book that if He had a hundred sheep and just one gets lost, He’ll leave the ninety-nine and still look for that one sheep. Isn’t this Amazingly? It is the will of God that none perishes, not even a single one. I want to tell you this secret that you are the reason Christ came. That is to say, if all on earth were righteous except you, Christ would still have paid the price for you. You are worth His blood. Hallelujah! Do you now realise how much love the Father has for you? He gave up His son for you. David knew this so he said, “Who is man that You are mindful of?”

Whenever you think of salvation, personalize it, that You are the reason for His coming. Shout it “I am His reason for coming!” Let us then live our lives as true sons of the Most High; walking in line with the word, and in the footsteps of His Holy Spirit. Do not be deceived by the devil that you cannot be pacified by the precious blood of Jesus due to some kind of sin you have committed.

God richly bless you!

Courtesy: Ameyaw Bernice Ama


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