Today marks the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. Hurraaaaaaah!!!!! A question worth asking on this special day of Christmas is: What will you be to Jesus Christ if He was born today? Will you be one of those who would fight to be part of His chosen twelve? Or you will be the reason why the Parents of Christ and baby Jesus Himself will relocate to far away Egypt to fulfil a prophecy that is much unknown to them?  Or you will rather risk whatever it takes to be one of the three wise people and follow the stars to an unknown place only to worship and gift this king?
As staunch Christians as we claim to be, how often do we risk our lives and securities (financial and social) for the destinies of unknown persons, like Jesus, to be fulfilled? Someone offered Mary and Joseph his pen for Jesus to be safely born (in a manger) without thinking of them harming or bolting away with anything of His. Are they not strangers to this person? How many of us can boast of opening our doors to provide shelter to a stranger? And how many, too, have boldly opened their arms wide and extended hands of generosity to hug and give to those who need them the most?
We claim we know the significance of the birth of Christ today than those of old, but their acts are far better than ours. As we, with a single goal, relive the achievements of Christ today, let’s focus on what He has achieved in His short life, ministry, and through His death on the cross, and become vessels of light and hope, to our generation and generations to come. Jesus said that you show your love for Him by attending to the needs of other people, and I add to it by saying that love is not love till you give it out. Make a promise today to yourself to offer an expensive and precious gift you would have offered Christ if He were born today to someone like me.


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