What is a kingdom that Jesus has made an essential part of our prayer? According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, a kingdom is
1. A country ruled by a king or a queen.
2. An area controlled by particular person/ where a particular thing or idea is important.
Romans 14:17 emphatically says that the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Before our Lord Jesus Christ died under the torture of man, sin, death, demonic oppression, corruption, injustice, and all sort of evil was all that the world was filled with. For the whole world was without hope, joy, God… until Christ (the Kingdom of God) came to dwell among men. (Matt 12:28).
The Kingdom of God lights up the world with healing, righteousness, hope, joy, beauty, glory, humility, eternal life, forgiveness, purity, justice, freedom from sin (a call to repentance), power… (Matt 4:17, Matt 18:4, Rom 4:7, 2 Cor. 4:18).
With all the evil we see around us, no man can rescue this world but the kingdom of God. Father, thy kingdom come (Matt 6:10). Since a kingdom is composed of a king (to the Christians, God) and his people: Who are the people of God’s kingdom? It is true believers, the sons of God. For He had bestowed on us His Kingdom (Luke 22:29-30). If anyone wants to enter this Kingdom, let them be washed by the water and the word (John 3:3). Matt 6:33 tells us to seek first God’s kingdom and He’ll add all other things to it. And so if you are already part of this kingdom, blessed are you!
But why do I cry out for His kingdom to come since He has assured us of His coming? Or since He’s bestowed this kingdom on us? I am actually crying out, calling out to all people in the Kingdom to let their light shine before men ( Matt 5:16). In this age of ours, where sin and evil has made the world dark… let us shine. We are the light of the world (Matt 5:14).
Let us together bring to bear: manifest the kingdom of God in this crooked and perverse generation of ours. For the Kingdom is truly beautiful and priceless. The people of God who lived before the coming of Christ lived in a shadow of the Kingdom but we, having received the very nature of God, are living out the true life of the Kingdom. Beloved, this is a call to all, let us bring beauty to our age, let us come together in strength and boldness and champion the cause of His kingdom.
Father, thy Kingdom come! Dwell among us. Amen! Have a blessed week.

Courtesy: Ameyaw Bernice Ama


The Concise Oxford English Dictionary makes me understand that a friend is a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations. Also, a popular Ghanaian adage – show me your friend and I will show you your character – defines a friend as a person through whom your character is developed and defined.

How true is that person you call a friend?

A true friend however, is the one who stands by you in all your times of affliction, trial, and difficulty embellishing them with words of encouragement, and implanting in you a ‘can do’ attitude. A true friend, also, is the one who sees the best in you, even when you see yourself worthless, and has as his/her primary goal in your life to bring out that best in you, irrespective of challenges. He is the one who will see you in trouble and never pass you by. As a matter of fact, he is that one person who is scouting for the bad things in and around you to purge out before they become known cankers. He who tells you, ‘You can walk’, ‘You can fly’, and ‘You are well able and capable’, when you have no legs, wings, and disabled, is the true friend I expound today.

A Christian’s true friend is Jesus, the Nazarene, and all His acts and declarations have been nothing but a confirmation of who He is in our life. Job’s wife was never close to being a true friend, I guess you know that already. The Bible presents to us true friend in the person of Jesus, much more. Consider where He found Peter and his brother Andrew and what they were doing when he called them to follow Him. They were fishing for fishes and He saw in them ‘fishers of men’. They died in the hands of the men they were fishing to bring us the Good News. Likewise James and John. (Matthew 4:18-22)

Remember when Jesus saw that sinful tax collector whose sins were weighing him down on the sycamore tree? He said, “Zacchaeus come down from the Sycamore tree for your house have I come to visit.” – Luke 19:1-10. That is the kind of friend – true – we have in Jesus. Somebody who would lay us to rest six feet below the surface of the earth with an assurance of resurrection. That is the perfect definition of a true friend. These are but a few instances from the Bible of Jesus being a true friend.

Ameyaw Bernice puts the icing on the cake by summarizing everything into a quote, and I quote: A true friend is the one who sees and brings out the best in you. Value them for they are diamonds that are hard to come by. So, I entreat you today to call Jesus into your life because He is the only true friend that we have, and to be wary of people who claim to be friends, but are interested in making your strengths weaknesses.




Scriptural Reference 😦 2 Peter 1:12-20)

Peter, one of the Great Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, reminds us of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ by saying in the reference above that, that day will certainly come. This, Apostle Peter said a few days to his death. And it was directed, not only, to the scoffers who will come mocking, “What has happened to the promise of the second coming of Christ?”, but also to me and you, with hope and anticipation of His second coming, to keep that hope high and blazing.

When I was a kid, I used to hear people make fun that even if Christ was coming with the slowest of all vehicles, he still would have come by then. Even then! In other words, they were saying Christ was never going to come from anywhere! Exercising their disbelief of the Gospel and the blessed assurance of the resurrection of the saints publicly through whatever media they got. That is to say there is no Christ coming from anywhere. What a pity! But those of us who live by His word know that He will come again. And that is what this post in its entirety preaches.

Beloved, let no man deceive you; CHRIST IS COMING AGAIN SOON! Apostle Peter went on to say, “If there’s anything delaying Christ’s coming, it is because of us; that no one should perish” – (2 Peter 3:9, 15). In 2 Peter 1: 16, Peter assures us that their (the disciples) announcement of the second coming of Christ was not an attempt to put up clever stories in order to get followership. It was as a result of what they saw from the day our Lord Jesus was transfigured before their very eyes, and also heard with their own ears the voice of God testify of Christ. In effect, Peter said that his confidence in the words of the prophets and all the scripture became even greater. Again let me say, “Do not be fooled into the falsehood that Christ will not come.” Peter wrote this just to add his voice to the fact that we Christians have a hope that Christ will come again. Hallelujah!

These were the last words of a great Apostle: Christ will come again. My question, however, is that: How prepared are you for this second coming of the saviour of the world? I just love it when my denomination reminds me of these words at communion service, “CHRIST HAS DIED. CHRIST IS RISEN. CHRIST WILL COME AGAIN. HALLELUJAH”


Courtesy: Ameyaw Bernice Ama



Many Christians like myself have at a point in their walk with the Lord said, “Father I surrender it all unto You.” Oh how I love these Methodist hymns: ‘All to Jesus I surrender’ and ‘Saviour blessed Saviour… body, soul and spirit, all we yield to you’.

But most often than not do our surrender to the Lord our obedience, and devotion to His service tend to last for just a week or month. Oh our weakness! Sooner than later, we find ourselves doing things which aren’t guided by God’s Spirit. Yes, we wish that our body, soul and spirit were set apart or dedicated to the Lord such that we would no more be of our own. I want you to know that it is absolutely possible! A complete life of total surrender to God is very possible! Paul was yielded to the Lord, you and I too can do it.

The first and the boldest step is the decision to surrender all to Him. What is left is for us to constantly pray that God should help us by His Holy Spirit to be eternally devoted to Him. Our own strength will make it difficult, and last for a short moment, but this Holy Spirit can sustain our surrender for life. Sure! So it is the Holy Spirit who will help us yield our body, spirit, and soul to the service of the Lord. I pray that the Father brings us all to the point where we would realise that without the Holy Spirit we can do nothing. No true Christian can survive without the Holy Spirit. Kathryn Kulman once said she always prayed that the Lord should not take His Holy Spirit from her. David said the same in his Psalms ‘take not thy Holy Spirit from me’. Now all I want to do is to sound in your ears that a life of total surrender to the lord is possible with the Holy Spirit. Stop using your strength! Quit doing it all by yourself! (Zechariah 4:6).

The Lord desires our surrender. He desires in the people whom He can call, send at any time and they’ll perform without excuses. It could be you. Bible says present yourself WHOLLY before the Lord. The Lord is looking for vessels that are yielded unto Him; make yourself available. We may be committed to the things of God but a life of absolute surrender is a life of absolute reliance on the Holy Spirit. The secret of great ministries is absolute surrender to the Lord.

When one is completely surrendered unto God, it means he is not of his own. He has lost all he has, as well as himself, to the mastery of Elohim. The point am making is that there’s a price to pay in this life of absolute surrender. It could cost your time, your passion, desires, job, family, aspirations, the wants of the flesh, your reputation, and it can even jeopardize your cherished life… it could be anything at all. It is necessary that we know what lies ahead on the path we have chosen to tread. It seems difficult but God is with us and His grace is sufficient. Absolute surrender is not achievable by the flesh but by the spirit. Glory be to God that it is He who will perform it all in us. Let us be obedient.

Whenever I think of how I can easily fail in my quest to live a life of absolute surrender to Elohim, I see how weak I am, but thank God that I can see Him whenever I lift my eyes. Father, I cannot do it on my own, no one can, so we need your Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, come and abide in us. Amen!

Courtesy: Bernice Ameyaw Ama




I want to talk today about doing things under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In the days of the Old Testament, the people lived by obeying whatever the Lord  God had said: they did it without the requirement of ‘inspiration from the Spirit’ but rather, simple obedience. What I mean is that, it was all about knowing the standards and doing it right.
However, in the New Testament, God now says, ‘without my spirit, I would not be pleased’. The procedure which was made known in the Old Testament has not been changed, but rather, God expects us to do everything under the inspiration of His Holy Spirit. So the template may be known – how to worship God, offer unto Him, pray, preach, etc., but the most important thing is not just doing it, instead doing it with the Holy Spirit. It is like you taught your son how to drive and gave him the right to drive any time he wants. After sometime you tell him that he should consult his elder brother whenever he wants to use the car because that will please you more.
So you see, the Holy Spirit has a crucial part to play in our walk with God today. Let’s cultivate the habit of acknowledging Him in our lives and allowing Him to lead, help and guide us through. We can of our own do nothing.
Do the right thing, let it be pleasing to God. Holy Spirit, I love you.

By: Ameyaw Bernice Ama


I remember with vividness that part of the cartoon movie, ‘The Lion King’, where they were told to look beyond what they saw. And today I want to tell you to look beyond whatever you are seeing. The Bible says that our God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we could think or ask of … but it is sad that many of us make this confession without the required revelation. Henceforth, let us change our mind-set concerning God in this area of His word.
When Christ began his ministry, people knew Him as the healer and miracle performer. Little did they know that He could do beyond what they thought and knew of Him. According to St John’s gospel, Jesus was known to have changed water into wine, taught teachers, revealed secrets, healed the lame, fed the multitude, forgiven sinners, made the blind to see. Everyone knew Jesus was very powerful, but what they didn’t know yet was that he could raise people from the dead as well. Mary Magdalene and Martha also knew Jesus as a healer, so when their brother was sick they were so certain that if only Jesus could come around, their brother would be healed (John 11:25). It however, had not crossed their mind that Christ could bring back the dead to life. Mary and her sister thought because their brother was now dead, there was nothing Christ could do. The truth, however, is that God wanted to inform them that He had another way of dealing with their situation; Christ raised Lazarus from the dead.
To God, there is nothing like despair. They lacked the potential to look beyond the things they knew Jesus for. At times, we also tend to limit God with our mind, yes with our little knowledge of Him. We behave as though we’d seen it all, knew how God deals with this-and-that issue, but there is a ‘but’. God can do beyond what we see, beyond what we think, beyond what we know, and beyond what we could imagine. How He deals with a particular issue may not be just one format. So even if He doesn’t handle your issue (sickness, education, job, marriage, purpose, family, finance, etc.) exactly like He did your colleague’s, just don’t worry! He shall surely do it, in a manner that you least expected.
Anytime you confessed that God can do above what you could think or ask, do it with revelation and understanding. For Lazarus’ story is a true proof. Amen!

Courtesy: Ameyaw Bernice Ama