Glory be to the maker of life for yet another year granted unto us as living beings. We can’t do much than say thank you father. It is only by your Grace that this blog is still in existence and we keep on posting, we give You, God, the utmost thanks and praises.
Together we can begin this year by looking up to something from the good Lord. In other words, let us have a target for the year. You know, we can’t afford to be somewhere without goals and set out ways to achieve those goals. Let me indulge a memoir here. 31st December watch night service has been a significant part of me since time immemorial, and wherever I happened to be pasturing on greener leaves or whatever I happened to be doing, I left it behind and traveled all the way to have this service at the Zimmermann Presbyterian Church, Odumase-Krobo.  This service which I start as earliest as 9:30pm is characterized by songs of praise to the Lord God for His bountiful favor, prayers of forgiveness and dedication, adding contents to my resolution book, making the soles of my shoes taste the tiles of the church flooring, and offering something to show my appreciation to God for His protection over the past year. There was nothing I looked to see in the next year than realizing my resolutions which, most often than not, achieving them was synonymous to getting the tail of a lion.
But, this year 2016 I want us all to look up to some things, and topping the list of things must be obedience and submission to the Lord throughout the entire year. I combed my entire neighborhood for the themes of the popular churches for 2016, and none said this so I decided that we can adopt it and set out ways to achieve it. We can’t achieve this by not fellowshipping with God and fellow man. The Bible is ours to read to hear God clearly, not forgetting the powers of fasting and prayer.
So 2016, is our year of total submission and obedience to the Lord through fasting, prayer, reading of the Word, and fellowship with fellow man. I love you, and I pray that this year brings you a very wonderfully unprecedented relationship with God. Have a great year, Amen!


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