The race is not to the swift neither does the battle belong to the strong, but in everything, TIME AND CHANCE happen to us all. Per my own definition, opportunity = time + chance. And Breakthrough happens when this opportunity meets your preparedness. So, prepare yourself well enough so that once the opportunity passes your way you would be able to lay a firm grip on it. Opportunity will come, but your ability to identify it is very crucial as well as what you do with the opportunity. Up until the moment the opportunity knocks on your door is the preparatory stage. But the day you open your door to opportunity is the day you ought to demonstrate all that you’ve learnt so far and prove that you are well able.
One thing is certain ‘first impressions come once’. The first encounter with any situation happens once and it is within the lifetime of that that you need to act, putting in your maximum best. Let’s consider some prominent people in the Bible;
Meet David, the moment to prove to God and men that he has learnt a lot from God as a shepherd boy was when he chanced on Goliath at the battle field. You could see he wasn’t aware of it, but recognising it as an opportunity, he took hold of it and delivered with perfection. Look at Joseph, he saw the opportunity (that short-term moment- ‘first impression’), when his fellow in-mates couldn’t understand their dreams. He took advantage of it.
Now it is these/ such moments that determine your approval. I tell you the truth, the things to be done to bring/ create approval isn’t so much neither does it take so long. The Bible tells us to study to show ourselves approved unto God.
Usually, there seem to be some time between your approval and the full manifestation of the fruit of your approval. Example, David, Joseph, Abraham all had to wait over a period even after they’ve been approved before enjoying the fruits of their labor. Think of the time between David fighting Goliath and he becoming king; Joseph interpreting his in-mates’ dream and the time he became the prime minister, when Abraham was promised and the time the promise was fulfilled. It is those times that you need to invest more prayer to bring to pass the things bound to come your way. But the assurance is that once you’ve been approved, greater and glorious days of manifestation awaits you. So concentrate more on recognising the opportunities and putting in your all to attain APPROVAL.
Let’s all spend time preparing ourselves and learn how to identify opportunities. Opportunities are hard to find, don’t waste time when you come across one. God richly bless us all.

Courtesy: Ameyaw Bernice Ama


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