Have you heard of the saying: You cannot give what you do not have? It is very true.
Today, I want to relate this saying to the troubles, difficulties, and challenges that come our way. If the Bible is indeed our guide, then I tell you today to remember that it is recorded somewhere in it that, “many are the afflictions of the righteous…” So now we know that challenges are part and parcel of our lives; they are meant to come our way. But when those times come, it is the time that what is within us truly comes out. That is the moment that you are to be crushed so that your content will be known; whether you taste sweet or sour. There is this popular saying in Ghana that says, “the meat that has fat proves itself on fire. Job showed the whole world the fat he was made of when he was at the winepress – when life hit him hard. He never spoke against God nor acted contrary to His word. Job was truly a sweet grape.
In the Bible, God’s winepress is mostly related to His judgement and wrath (Isa 63:3, Rev 14:19, Rev 19:15), but permit me to borrow the word ‘winepress’ here to drive home a point. The manner in which grapes are crushed is very harsh, brutal, but if that is not done, the wine will not come out. Whenever you find yourself in difficulties consider it that God wants to show the world your richness. James said after the challenges, you’ll be made perfect and complete, lacking nothing (James 1:2-4).
Thank God we have the knowledge that difficult times (sickness, death, unemployment, financial and marital issues) would come. Let us brace ourselves for them, build some mind-sets with the guidance of the Spirit. I believe that Job had a mind-set already established that “should difficulties come my way, irrespective of the form they take, I will not sin against my God as long as He gives me grace”.
Son of God, daughter of Zion, be careful what comes out of you especially in difficult moments. If we can produce “good wine” on the day we are taken to the winepress, it will depend on where we take nourishment from, what we do with the nutrients from Christ- the true vine. Sometimes we tend to assume that the challenge we are facing is the worst of all, and that God has forsaken us. Interesting! There is one proverb of the Ghanaian that literally translates as “if you have not gone into someone’s farm, you say you are the only farmer”. Yes, you don’t know what others are going through, and they keep on praising God, and you think yours is the worst. I want to encourage you to not give in to the lies and negative words of the devil- that God has forsaken you”. The devil is a liar, rebuke him!
God will never leave us (matt 28:20b). Hallelujah! It is my prayer that you will be able to produce sweet wine whenever you are pressed. God bless us all. Amen!
Courtesy: Ameyaw Bernice Ama


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