TRUE BEAUTY (1 peter 3:3,5)

Every woman desires to look beautiful. But beauty has value which is highly dependent on what one uses to adorn him/herself. Most women of today are concerned with their outward beauty, so they adorn themselves with fancy hair styles, expensive jewellery, and/ or beautiful clothes. But this beauty fades with time. Unfading, true, beauty is the one that comes from within a person, and it is this priceless type of beauty that is precious to God. The holy women of old desired this type of beauty.  They adorned themselves with “trust in God” and “acceptance of their husbands’ authority over them.” This is real beauty that women should aspire to attain. True beauty springs from within. A friend says he is ready to chase with his life a woman with this type of beauty, because the other type of beauty can be achieved with money.
I therefore entreat you ladies to pursue this beauty that money can not buy. Have a great week.

Courtesy: Ameyaw Bernice Ama


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