I remember with vividness that part of the cartoon movie, ‘The Lion King’, where they were told to look beyond what they saw. And today I want to tell you to look beyond whatever you are seeing. The Bible says that our God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we could think or ask of … but it is sad that many of us make this confession without the required revelation. Henceforth, let us change our mind-set concerning God in this area of His word.
When Christ began his ministry, people knew Him as the healer and miracle performer. Little did they know that He could do beyond what they thought and knew of Him. According to St John’s gospel, Jesus was known to have changed water into wine, taught teachers, revealed secrets, healed the lame, fed the multitude, forgiven sinners, made the blind to see. Everyone knew Jesus was very powerful, but what they didn’t know yet was that he could raise people from the dead as well. Mary Magdalene and Martha also knew Jesus as a healer, so when their brother was sick they were so certain that if only Jesus could come around, their brother would be healed (John 11:25). It however, had not crossed their mind that Christ could bring back the dead to life. Mary and her sister thought because their brother was now dead, there was nothing Christ could do. The truth, however, is that God wanted to inform them that He had another way of dealing with their situation; Christ raised Lazarus from the dead.
To God, there is nothing like despair. They lacked the potential to look beyond the things they knew Jesus for. At times, we also tend to limit God with our mind, yes with our little knowledge of Him. We behave as though we’d seen it all, knew how God deals with this-and-that issue, but there is a ‘but’. God can do beyond what we see, beyond what we think, beyond what we know, and beyond what we could imagine. How He deals with a particular issue may not be just one format. So even if He doesn’t handle your issue (sickness, education, job, marriage, purpose, family, finance, etc.) exactly like He did your colleague’s, just don’t worry! He shall surely do it, in a manner that you least expected.
Anytime you confessed that God can do above what you could think or ask, do it with revelation and understanding. For Lazarus’ story is a true proof. Amen!

Courtesy: Ameyaw Bernice Ama


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