I want to talk today about doing things under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In the days of the Old Testament, the people lived by obeying whatever the Lord  God had said: they did it without the requirement of ‘inspiration from the Spirit’ but rather, simple obedience. What I mean is that, it was all about knowing the standards and doing it right.
However, in the New Testament, God now says, ‘without my spirit, I would not be pleased’. The procedure which was made known in the Old Testament has not been changed, but rather, God expects us to do everything under the inspiration of His Holy Spirit. So the template may be known – how to worship God, offer unto Him, pray, preach, etc., but the most important thing is not just doing it, instead doing it with the Holy Spirit. It is like you taught your son how to drive and gave him the right to drive any time he wants. After sometime you tell him that he should consult his elder brother whenever he wants to use the car because that will please you more.
So you see, the Holy Spirit has a crucial part to play in our walk with God today. Let’s cultivate the habit of acknowledging Him in our lives and allowing Him to lead, help and guide us through. We can of our own do nothing.
Do the right thing, let it be pleasing to God. Holy Spirit, I love you.

By: Ameyaw Bernice Ama


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