Many Christians like myself have at a point in their walk with the Lord said, “Father I surrender it all unto You.” Oh how I love these Methodist hymns: ‘All to Jesus I surrender’ and ‘Saviour blessed Saviour… body, soul and spirit, all we yield to you’.

But most often than not do our surrender to the Lord our obedience, and devotion to His service tend to last for just a week or month. Oh our weakness! Sooner than later, we find ourselves doing things which aren’t guided by God’s Spirit. Yes, we wish that our body, soul and spirit were set apart or dedicated to the Lord such that we would no more be of our own. I want you to know that it is absolutely possible! A complete life of total surrender to God is very possible! Paul was yielded to the Lord, you and I too can do it.

The first and the boldest step is the decision to surrender all to Him. What is left is for us to constantly pray that God should help us by His Holy Spirit to be eternally devoted to Him. Our own strength will make it difficult, and last for a short moment, but this Holy Spirit can sustain our surrender for life. Sure! So it is the Holy Spirit who will help us yield our body, spirit, and soul to the service of the Lord. I pray that the Father brings us all to the point where we would realise that without the Holy Spirit we can do nothing. No true Christian can survive without the Holy Spirit. Kathryn Kulman once said she always prayed that the Lord should not take His Holy Spirit from her. David said the same in his Psalms ‘take not thy Holy Spirit from me’. Now all I want to do is to sound in your ears that a life of total surrender to the lord is possible with the Holy Spirit. Stop using your strength! Quit doing it all by yourself! (Zechariah 4:6).

The Lord desires our surrender. He desires in the people whom He can call, send at any time and they’ll perform without excuses. It could be you. Bible says present yourself WHOLLY before the Lord. The Lord is looking for vessels that are yielded unto Him; make yourself available. We may be committed to the things of God but a life of absolute surrender is a life of absolute reliance on the Holy Spirit. The secret of great ministries is absolute surrender to the Lord.

When one is completely surrendered unto God, it means he is not of his own. He has lost all he has, as well as himself, to the mastery of Elohim. The point am making is that there’s a price to pay in this life of absolute surrender. It could cost your time, your passion, desires, job, family, aspirations, the wants of the flesh, your reputation, and it can even jeopardize your cherished life… it could be anything at all. It is necessary that we know what lies ahead on the path we have chosen to tread. It seems difficult but God is with us and His grace is sufficient. Absolute surrender is not achievable by the flesh but by the spirit. Glory be to God that it is He who will perform it all in us. Let us be obedient.

Whenever I think of how I can easily fail in my quest to live a life of absolute surrender to Elohim, I see how weak I am, but thank God that I can see Him whenever I lift my eyes. Father, I cannot do it on my own, no one can, so we need your Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, come and abide in us. Amen!

Courtesy: Bernice Ameyaw Ama




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