Scriptural Reference 😦 2 Peter 1:12-20)

Peter, one of the Great Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, reminds us of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ by saying in the reference above that, that day will certainly come. This, Apostle Peter said a few days to his death. And it was directed, not only, to the scoffers who will come mocking, “What has happened to the promise of the second coming of Christ?”, but also to me and you, with hope and anticipation of His second coming, to keep that hope high and blazing.

When I was a kid, I used to hear people make fun that even if Christ was coming with the slowest of all vehicles, he still would have come by then. Even then! In other words, they were saying Christ was never going to come from anywhere! Exercising their disbelief of the Gospel and the blessed assurance of the resurrection of the saints publicly through whatever media they got. That is to say there is no Christ coming from anywhere. What a pity! But those of us who live by His word know that He will come again. And that is what this post in its entirety preaches.

Beloved, let no man deceive you; CHRIST IS COMING AGAIN SOON! Apostle Peter went on to say, “If there’s anything delaying Christ’s coming, it is because of us; that no one should perish” – (2 Peter 3:9, 15). In 2 Peter 1: 16, Peter assures us that their (the disciples) announcement of the second coming of Christ was not an attempt to put up clever stories in order to get followership. It was as a result of what they saw from the day our Lord Jesus was transfigured before their very eyes, and also heard with their own ears the voice of God testify of Christ. In effect, Peter said that his confidence in the words of the prophets and all the scripture became even greater. Again let me say, “Do not be fooled into the falsehood that Christ will not come.” Peter wrote this just to add his voice to the fact that we Christians have a hope that Christ will come again. Hallelujah!

These were the last words of a great Apostle: Christ will come again. My question, however, is that: How prepared are you for this second coming of the saviour of the world? I just love it when my denomination reminds me of these words at communion service, “CHRIST HAS DIED. CHRIST IS RISEN. CHRIST WILL COME AGAIN. HALLELUJAH”


Courtesy: Ameyaw Bernice Ama



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