The bible clearly encourages believers to renew their mind. I have looked at ‘Renewal of the mind’ from different angles and I have now come to discover its importance, even in the area of finance. Renewing the mind, from the Christian’s perspective, is a conscious act of training and tuning the mind to discard old convictions and beliefs that aren’t in line with one’s new nature in Christ. “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation, old things have passed away, behold all things have become new.”, says the Bible.
Everything on earth; good or bad has to do with the mind, and when faith is added, my goodness! It erases the word “impossibility”. The bible has unveiled this foundation years ago, admonishing Christians to renew their mind. It was interesting to notice that the entire part one of a financial book I’m currently reading talks about the essence of mind renewal. The author of the book calls this a secret. Of course it is a secret. Although I have read it in the bible, I didn’t know of its application to financial prosperity. Truly, every part of the scripture is applicable to all aspects of life. In fact, this is a true manifestation of the claim: The words of the scripture is applicable to every aspect of life.
The author also encourages readers to employ the art of positive confessions or declarations. It is amazing how some Christians criticise fellow Christians who make positive declarations. Their reason being that these are vain confessions because the confessions are not physically manifested. Oh if they know how they’ve robbed themselves off certain blessings by their failure to make positive confessions over their lives. I love how Pastor Chris Oyakilome puts it, “Keep saying it”. Soon your cells will agree with your confession, then mixing it with faith in Elohim it shall surely be established.
What’s my point? My point is Christians have a lot of mysteries in the bible that if we discover and don’t trivialise them, it will lead us to realms we’ve not dream of before. I tell you the truth; all the secrets to success in life is clearly spelt out in the bible.
Courtesy: Ameyaw Bernice Ama


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