Dearly beloved, when you find that special person you would love to spend the rest of your life with, don’t just spend all the time enjoying each other’s company in dating. This is good and lovely but you also need to put down measures to build character as well as knowing God together. There are a lot to be done before wedding and marriage. So whatever thing that would be helpful in marriage should be looked at and built before you say “I do”. It is not just getting to know each other. Take time to build, in no particular order:
Good communication
Plans for the future (finance, happy home etc)
Take time to know God more and invest time in prayer. Discover your purpose and remain faithful to it. Share your thoughts with one another, communicate frequently and let nothing stand between you two.
Each of you should remain committed to making the life of the other better, I mean add value to his life or her life constantly. Let all that you do be done in true sincerity, out of a genuine heart.
Love is beautiful! It is even more beautiful when love is carefully woven in Christ.
Make Christ the foundation of your relationship. Be more concerned in building a good friendship together. For when all the emotions, love, care, etc dies down, what will keep you going is a good friendship. A good friendship is the foundation of all relationship.
Do not leave the destiny of your relationship and marriage to chance. Take responsibility, create it! Consciously build on the solid foundation that has already been laid who is Christ.
It’s my prayer our marriages will be a model. God richly bless you.

Courtesy: Ameyaw Bernice


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