Once upon a time in Jerusalem, by the pool of Bethesda lay great multitude of sick people. They lie there in wait for the angel of God to disturb the water and the first person to get in this pool after the disturbance gets healed. It appears that this was the only way the people were healed from their infirmities in those days. There were great multitude of sick persons. So it wasn’t surprising when one man was asked whether he wanted to be healed and he said, “I can’t be healed” (John 5:6 NLT).

Sometimes it is so in life, the world presents one option/ path to our dreams and visions that we sometimes forget that Christ is the true way! The man whom Jesus talked to, had been sick for the past 38 years and only God knows how long he had been by that pool. The only way he knew he could be healed was – if only someone could help put him in the pool after the angels troubled it.

We too do think alike- Oh if only I knew the principal I would get admission; if only I knew one man on the panel I would get the scholarship; if my parents were alive I would have made it to college; if only I could win the lottery I would make it to the USA; if only I made it to college I would have been prosperous by now… on and on and on. Glory to God that apart from salvation, which has only one way to attain, all other situations in life presents with two solutions- Christ and the rest. And the truth is that Christ is the ultimate solution! So when this man (the man by the pool of Bethesda) discovered the second option to his sickness, who is Christ, he was able to walk from that moment on (John 5:9).

My dear beloved in Christ, do not give up in life! You have Christ! Christ the ultimate solution to all life’s problems and difficulties. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus – the God of possibilities. The one who can create rivers in the desert and make a way where there seem to be no way. Let us not get accustomed to the way we’ve seen things being done, or the patterns in which things flow in the world, instead trust in God. God bless you

Courtesy: Ameyaw Bernice Ama


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