A major thing affecting the happiness of a lot of people, even rendering some senseless, is the inability to tell how true the people they call their friends are. This is hugely because friends are made, a lot of times, to be cushions on which to lay troubled head at all times. But, rather unfortunate the people that occupy our lives whom we thought we could find that comfort and cushion in do not seem to have that goal and enough care. This post, in its entirety, seeks to assist you know who your true friends are.

I am sorry, but anyone in your life who is short of the under listed and explained qualities/ traits is bound to be thrown out through the emergency exit with immediate effect. Now, a true friend:

  • Respects and Loves

A true friend loves, respects, shows empathy, and compassion to others too. Be watchful, a true friend shows love to others too. There is no love without respect. Respect occupies sixty and over percent of love. No matter how silly your opinions are, he tells you they are like noses, everyone has one and the bravest thing to do is to make them known. With this kind of person in your life how can you feel small, timid, and inferior? That is a true friend

  • Supports and believes in you

If even the Bible says ask and it shall be given you, then the one who gives you what you need without you asking is the true friend we talk. He is one person whose support you don’t ask but he gives it you a hundred percent. He is a person that no matter how down you feel, he cares so much and will see to it that he/she helps you rise up quickly and brightly. A very thoughtful person. Let me tell you what it means to believe in you. Once you mention to this person an aspiration or undertaking, he tells you, “Wow, I am highly impressed. You can do it without failure.”


  • Trustworthy and honest

A person whose trust you do not struggle to win, and very honest with his words, actions, and inactions is a true friend, no two ways about it. He is a person you can trust, not a ‘see black and call it yellow’ kind of person. He is very real. Under no circumstance would you see traits of pretense, because he is not a pretender. Fakers, liars, and cheaters do not belong here. They will park bag and baggage once they have achieved whatever they came into your life for. Know that without trust there is no reason to continue a relationship.

  • Non-judgmental

A true friend is a non-judgmental person, he is a person who will never accuse you for you wrongs. Even your avoidable mistakes he tells you ‘to err is human’, and never blames you for it

  • Forgives and apologizes

The one who acknowledges your diversities, and is quick to apologize for his wrong and forgive you of yours is a true friend. He does not hung on to past fights, pains, etc., but believes you both have capacity to be better next time. This is the person you need to hold on to because he has put away pride and ego for the sake of the success of your relationship.

  • Accepts you for yourself

A true friend is the person that accepts you for whoever you are, will never by mistake tell you stuff like, ‘if you were this or that our friendship would be wonderfully marvelous and flamboyant.’ It is the one who accepts you that will laugh with you, cry with you, and dry your tears. He is always found filling your life with positive things. The one who calls you and tells you you are the best thing that ever happened to his life when as a matter of fact it is the other way round is the true friend you seek.

  • Listens, keeps confidences, and never back bites

Anytime you request for his audience he is always there for you, regardless of his surrounding circumstances. Not a back talker, and by that I mean this person will never utter a foul word about you to anyone in your absence, and also he keeps your confidences with his life as though they were his. On no occasion will this person raise his/her voice on you. That is respect to its core.


Let me conclude on the note of this popular assertion that there are two kind of people: those who brighten a room when they enter, and those who brighten a room on their exit. It is with no iota of doubt that; a true friend is the former; a person you call a brother or sister but has no blood relation with you; and he is a treasure worth discovering and keeping. Tswa omanye aba!


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