Character #4

“No, I won’t marry her. Why? Because she is not a marriage material”. What are men trying to communicate by this common reason? What kind of lady are they looking for? They are simply after a HOME MAKER. 

The fourth characteristic of the virtuous woman is that she is a HOME MAKER.  She seeks after what will make her home great and puts in effort to let them reflect in the life of each member of her household (Proverbs 31:13)

There she is, in search of how to keep the house in order, how to cook delicious meals, how to maintain unity, how to speak, how to raise responsible kids, how to incorporate the fear of Elohim, how to forgive one another and all the other materials needed to build a successful home. 

When she has discovered these materials needed in making a home great,  she willingly works to make them a part of her life first   (because she knows that no one can give what he does not have) before making it reflect in her household.

My lady, I challenge you to be a HOME MAKER. 



  1. This is a very nice notion, however, it also employs the idea that a woman is only looking for a man who makes enough money to support her and the household. Unfortunately, that is not true in many cases. Does this make me less virtuous or desirable because I must work to make ends meet? 😦

    1. Its quiet difficult to know exactly your case…
      But I think you and the virtuous woman share a common characteristic in this regard. Proverbs 31:14 tells us that the virtuous woman is into clothing business, verse 24 will reveal that she is actively involved in exporting her products. So you see, my dear if you are a career woman, it doesn’t make you less virtuous.
      On the other hand, a virtuous woman is not one who is only looking for a man who makes enough money to support her and her household. Proverbs 31:10 describes avirtuous woman as one whose impact in the life of her family as well as her neighbors is valued far above rubies.

      Further questions are welcome

        1. Wealth is good but as we work toward achieving it, home management should be kept excellent both in times of abundance and out of abundance.
          Remember, women must also work to support the home financially… Just like the virtuous woman

          1. So let me make sure that I understand this then. In order to maintain virtue, then my husband and I should both put in our 40 hours at work, and simultaneously I need to come home and be the exclusive home-maker, correct? I’m not trying to be difficult — I want to understand.

          2. Please feel free, your questions are always welcome.
            When it comes to the home, although there are no clearly defined duties of the husband, wife (or children), there seem to be in existence some unwritten but expected responsibilities for everyone (depending on where you come from). Now false balance is an abomination accordingly to the Bible. So we have to try and put a stop to the numerous and seemingly tangible reasons why we fail to fulfil our duties in the home.
            The proverbs 31 woman was an international business woman. She had to take care of her flax plantation, livestock for wool, vineyard for wine, produce tapestry from her wool and flax, export her products. Now that surely takes a lot of time and energy yet she provides food for her household, instills the fear of God in her children, help the poor in society, manages the home well.
            What I know is that when you take a duty upon yourself as your responsibility, you see to it that it’s done. Whether you do it yourself, ask your husband to help or even employ a househelp, the work must be done.
            We are not perfect but I believe if you don’t give up on the word of God, we will get there. Bear in mind, the success of a virtuous woman is measured first from her home.
            A wife completes her husband not compete her husband. Let’s identify our roles in the home and do it well… Being a wife (and a mother) is also a divine calling which should not be taken lightly.

  2. There are ladies that men go out with just for fun. When it comes to marriage, men always look out for a respectful and a home manager. One who can efficiently manage the limited resources in the house and build a home that is sustainable.
    A woman who knows how to care for her partner, children and home is a rare gem.

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