In character #4 we considered the eagerness of the virtuous woman to go every godly extent in search of what makes a great home, incorporate it into her life, and then make it reflect in the lives of her household. But what about the things that lie beyond her reach?

With HUMILITY, they are at arm-length.

One adorable character of every virtuous woman is HUMILITY. Due to her humble nature, the Virtuous Woman acknowledges her limitations and shortcomings as far as building a great home is concerned. Then she allows God to take over. Light and life, for instance, are key in making a home great. But these “building materials” can only come from God. Notwithstanding this truth, she acts as a channel through which God’s blessings flow to her family, friends, neighbours and all.

A window is not the source of light; the sun is. However, until the window is opened, light and air cannot enter a room. Likewise, the merchant ship is not really needed by men, it is rather the food inside the merchants ship (Proverbs 31:14).

The fifth character of the virtuous woman is HUMILITY.  By humility she truly accepts her wrongdoings, and appreciates the contributions of others, even when she least believes in them.

Remember, ladies with the aim to uphold this character (#5) of the Virtuous Woman: Pride goes before a fall.


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