Character #6

In the book of Esther, the Bible gives an account of how Queen Esther arose in the night and provided the “food of freedom” for her people, the Jews. Similarly a virtuous woman rises while it is yet night to provide food for her household  (Proverbs 31:15).

Obviously, am not referring to food meant for the stomach neither am I referring to the time of day. The night hour includes sicknesses, failures, deaths, calamities, unfaithfulness, disobedient children, etc.

Now when these nights engulf a home,  the virtuous woman rises above all odds as a WARRIOR and engages in constant, persistent, effectual, overcoming prayers. She comes out of the prayer room with solutions to every problem. 

The 6th characteristics of a virtuous woman is that she is PRAYERFUL. She overcomes every dark hour by seeking divine solutions in prayer.

On a very lighter note, men need good food. Do your best my lady to cook delicious meal for the family.


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